Can I Reschedule My IELTS Exams

Yes! If circumstances have arisen, you can certainly reschedule your IELTS Exams suitable to your needs. The process given in this guide will help you understand the rescheduling process in detail so that you can face your exam with confidence.

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Points to Consider Before Rescheduling IELTS Exam

Before choosing to reschedule your IELTS exam, there are a few important things to consider:

  1. Reason for Rescheduling: Identify the reason behind rescheduling – whether it’s due to illness, personal commitments, or needing more time to prepare adequately.
  2. Availability of Test Dates: Check the availability of upcoming test dates in your area to ensure you can reschedule to a suitable date.
  3. Preparation Time: Assess your current level of preparation and determine if rescheduling will allow you to better prepare for the exam.
  4. Deadline for Rescheduling: Be aware of the deadline for rescheduling your exam to avoid any additional fees or complications.

How to Reschedule IELTS Exam?

To change the date of your IELTS exam, you must adhere to the specific instructions provided by the test administrators.

Step 1: Obtain the Application Form: Get the “Transfer, Cancellation Application Form” by downloading it from the IELTS official website.

Step 2: Fill out the Form with all the required details for rescheduling.

Step 3: Opt for Transfer: Choose the “transfer” option found in the “request for Transfer/Cancellation” section.

Step 4: Select Fresh Dates: Select two times that work well for you to reschedule your IELTS test.

Step 5: Submit the filled-out form with all the necessary documents.

Step 6: Please know your doctor’s contact information if there is a medical emergency.

IELTS Exam Cancellation Process and Fees

If you need to reschedule the International English Language Testing System exam, it is crucial that you adhere to the following guidelines:

For Online Cancellation

  1. Visit the official website of IELTS DP: To begin with your IELTS exam cancellation procedure, visit the official website of IELTS DP and read necessary instructions related to cancellation.
  2. Candidate Login: Login via the Candidate Login Section with the Username and Password provided to you at the time of registration.
  3. Cancel your test: Now you can request for cancellation by submitting supporting documentation if the exam date falls within 15–34 days.
  4. Check for acknowledgment: Do check and save the acknowledgment at the end of the cancellation process and wait for the representative to contact you, which typically takes 2-3 days.

For Offline Cancellation:

  1. Get acquainted with the policy regarding cancellations: Make sure you fulfill the conditions in order to postpone your exam. Visit the IELTS website or speak with a representative to find out the test center’s unique cancellation policies.
  2. Get in touch with the Test Center: Reach out to the test center where your exam is scheduled to take place. They will guide you through the cancellation process and provide you with the necessary forms and instructions.
  3. Complete the Cancellation Form: Fill in the cancellation form given by the test center, indicating the reason for cancelling your exam.
  4. Settle the Cancellation Fee: You will be required to pay a cancellation fee, the amount of which depends on the test center and the notice period. Typically, the fee ranges from $20 to $50.
  5. Ask for a Refund: If you have already made a payment for the exam, you can request a refund. The refund amount will be determined by the policies of the test center and the notice period.

Note: You will get a refund less a 25% test administration charge if you cancel your IELTS exam up to five weeks prior to the test date. Please be aware that processing refunds may take two to six weeks.

IELTS Exam Rescheduling and Cancellation Fees

The fees for rescheduling and cancelling your IELTS exam vary depending on the test center and the notice period. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Rescheduling Fee: Typically ranges from $20 to $50.
  • Cancellation Fee: Typically ranges from $20 to $50.
  • Late Cancellation Fee: If you cancel your exam with less than 5 days notice, you may be charged a late cancellation fee, which can range from $50 to $100.


Rescheduling or cancelling your IELTS exam can be a stressful experience, but it is often necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can navigate the process with ease and minimize any additional fees. Remember to check the test center’s policies and fees before rescheduling or cancelling your exam, and always provide sufficient notice to avoid any additional charges.


It is possible to cancel your IELTS exam multiple times and take it later but rescheduling is allowed only once.

Yes, there is typically a deadline for rescheduling your exam. It is suggested to check the exact deadline for your examination centre.

If you miss your rescheduled exam, you may forfeit your exam fee. It’s crucial to communicate with the test center if you encounter any issues that may prevent you from attending the exam.