How to Get PR in Singapore After Study?

In terms of study, employment, and living standards, Singapore is quickly rising to the top of the list of attractive places for most international students. Those who want to work and live in Singapore may apply for permanent residence (PR) and stay for a maximum of 5 years. In Singapore, there are various kinds of permanent residency programmes. The students have the option to select Singapore PR and submit an application in line with the requirements. For further information on Singapore PR applications, documentation needs, and other related matters, read this blog.

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Benefits of Singapore PR

The following benefits are available to candidates who have made Singapore their permanent home:

  • No work permit is required for PR holders to work in Singapore.
  • When they switch jobs, they don’t have to apply for a work visa each time. Therefore, PR holders in Singapore have easy access to move occupations.
  • As opposed to private housing, the HBD offers affordable public housing that PR holders can purchase.
  • The world-class Singaporean healthcare system is accessible to PR holders.
  • Those who possess PR for Singapore will be required to pay lower tuition than international students.
  • Singapore citizenship can be applied for by the PR holder after two or three years of residency.

Eligibility for PR in Singapore After Study

  • You must spend a minimum of two years in Singapore.
  • It is required that you possess a certificate of passing any designated national test, like the PLSE or GCE N/O/A.

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Singapore Permanent Resident Application Process

The candidate must apply for Singapore PR to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authorities (ICA) of Singapore to receive a PR for Singapore. Applicants must register for a Singpass account at before applying. Students who are currently with student visas in Singapore can apply using their Foreign Identification Number (FIN).

How to get a Permanent Residency in Singapore? Step-by-Step Process

To obtain permanent residency in Singapore, particular steps must be fulfilled. They are

  • Make sure you are eligible for Singapore PR first.
  • Make arrangements for the necessary documents to meet the requirements for Singapore permanent residency based on the category that qualifies.
  • Online submission of the Singapore PR application is required at
  • When submitting a PR application, a non-refundable fee($200) must be paid.
  • There are a couple of further procedures that need to be finished at the ICA office after the PR is granted.

Documents Required for PR in Singapore

The following listed below are the common documents for Singapore PR requirements.

  • Passport-sized digital colour photograph
  • Passport
  • ID proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Highest educational certificates
  • Vaccination records
  • Payslips for the last 6 months
  • Translated documents in English (if necessary)
  • Signed Declaration forms

Fees & Processing Time for PR in Singapore

Normally, a non-refundable cost of S$100 is required to be paid at the time the Singapore PR application is submitted. The $100 entry permit, ID card, and entry visa fees are additional costs that must be paid when the permanent resident in Singapore visa is granted. A total of about $200 is required to cover the application and approval procedure fees. Obtaining PR for Singapore will take an average of six months or longer to process.

How to Check the PR Status in Singapore?

After applying, the candidate can use the Immigration and Security Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website to check the status of their PR application for Singapore online. The applicant’s Foreign Identification Number (FIN) and birthdate are required to verify the status.

Tips to Get Easy PR in Singapore After Study

The probability of the Singapore PR application being approved depends on several standards in addition to the eligibility requirements for Singapore. Please review the factors listed below.

  • Employment Sector: Candidates with high-paying jobs and promising roles are always given preference.
  • Age: To preserve the proportion of older citizens in the nation, consideration is given to candidates who are youthful and eager to work.
  • Employment Duration: Long-term foreign employees demonstrate a commitment to remaining in Singapore and heightened productivity. Increase the chances of your approval by taking up part time jobs while studying as this builds credibility. 
  • Volunteering: In addition to its social and economic benefits, volunteering in Singapore demonstrates a person’s commitment to the country’s values and culture, which raises the likelihood of being granted permanent residency.


Singapore PRs are granted the unlimited right to reside, work, study, and retire in Singapore. In reality, PR standing is strong but not perfect. PRs must get a Re-Entry Permit (REP) to leave Singapore for any cause or for any time.

Singapore has a complicated selective immigration policy, making PR challenging to get. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has the last say over whether to approve your PR.