INSEAD is a global powerhouse in business education that offers practical, multicultural, and fast-paced programs. INSEAD, established in 7, is a globally recognized multi-campus business school known for its rigorous and innovative MBA, Executive MBA, PhD and Executive Education programs. It boasts campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, offering a complete international educational journey. Its fast-tracked 10-month MBA program differentiates it from conventional two-year programs, providing global exposure and networking opportunities. INSEAD’s unique Executive Education program caters to corporate needs, focusing on enhancing leadership and management skills. A robust alumni network spreading across 49 countries further enhances the global connection and influence of the institution.

About Insead

Established in 1957, INSEAD is globally acknowledged as a prestigious business school that specializes in providing extensive MBA, Executive MBA, PhD, and Executive Education programs. It revolutionalizes business studies with a vibrant multicultural community that comprises students and faculty from over 90 countries.

With unique campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, INSEAD provides a truly global educational experience. Each campus is known for its state-of-the-art residential facilities, business libraries, and teaching infrastructures. There’s also a research centre in Israel.

INSEAD’s MBA program ranks consistently among the world’s best due to its robust curriculum, which flawlessly blends theory with practice to prepare students for the global business landscape. It offers a 10-month fast-track program unlike traditional two-year programs, providing immense international exposure and networking opportunities.

Alumni associations, a strong point of INSEAD, exist in 49 countries, with an extensive network of over 60,000 alumni, which signifies its intensive global reach and impact.

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Check Complete List of Executive Education Programmes, Master Programmes, Doctoral Programmes, and Business Foundations Certificate Programme at INSEAD.

Executive Education ProgrammesMaster ProgrammesDoctoral ProgrammesBusiness Foundations Certificate Programme
Aspiring Directors ProgrammeMaster in ManagementPhD In ManagementBusiness Foundations Certificate Programme
Management Acceleration ProgrammeMBA
Competitive StrategyGlobal Executive MBA
Strategy in the Age of Digital DisruptionTsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA
Leading Organisations in Disruptive TimesExecutive Master in Finance
Developing Emerging LeadersExecutive Master in Change


Post Graduate Programs

Master in Management

Master in Management (MIM) is an intense 10-month program ensuring students have a comprehensive grasp of business theory and practice. It combines rigorous academic theory development with practical applications, preparing them for high-performing management roles. The program’s cohort comprises diverse, young talents from various backgrounds globally, enriching the learning environment with distinctive perspectives and experiences.

Country, CurrencyTuition Fees
Europe, Euros49,500
the United States, USD55,440
Canada, CAD72,765
Mexico, Peso1,165,410
India, INR4,275,705
Brazil, Real300,960

Master in Business Administration

The MBA program is a fast-paced 10-month course, offering extensive coverage of all business areas. Its internationally diverse environment pushes students to work and think in multicultural contexts. Furthermore, its innovative curriculum mixes academic theory with practical experience, enabling students to enhance their leadership skills and navigate business scenarios successfully.

Country, CurrencyTuition Fees
Europe, Euros97,000
the United States, USD114,862
Canada, CAD142,160
Mexico, Peso2,265,963
India, INR8,446,316
Brazil, Real605,364

Executive Master in Finance

Designed for working professionals in finance, INSEAD’s Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) equips them with advanced financial tools and strategies, fostering comprehensive understanding and insights concerning the financial landscape. This part-time program offers a blend of online learning and on-campus sessions, emphasizing practical learning via case studies, simulations, and group projects.

Country, CurrencyTuition Fees
Europe, Euros61,950
the United States, USD72,525
Canada, CAD89,325
Mexico, Peso3,648,975
India, INR5,377,625
Brazil, Real381,150

Executive Master in Change (EMC)

This uniquely designed EMC program by INSEAD primarily focuses on human behaviour, mindset, and cultural aspects in an organizational setup. It helps executives comprehend organizational transformation, empowering them to lead successfully amidst continuous change. This part-time degree cultivates strong leadership skills, equipping professionals for driving individual, team, and organizational excellence.

Country, CurrencyTuition Fees
Europe, Euros84,262.50
the United States, USD107,340.00
Canada, CAD107,340.00
Mexico, Peso1,589,950.00
India, INR5,505,000.00
Brazil, Real441,375.00


Student Intakes For 2023

IntakeRoundApplication DueDecision Released
August1September 12, 2023November 17, 2023
August2November 7, 2023January 12, 2024
August3January 16, 2024March 22, 2024
August4March 5, 2024May 10, 2024
January3June 27, 2023September 1, 2023
January4August 8, 2023October 6, 2023

Eligibility Criteria

Postgraduate Courses

  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent.
  • Professional work experience is highly recommended, with the requirement varying based on the specific course.
  • Proficiency in the English language – demonstrated through TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score.
  • Demonstrate leadership potential through previous work experience or roles in community or school activities.
  • Adequate GMAT or GRE score, depending on the postgraduate course.
  • Submission of two professional recommendation letters.
  • Successful completion of application essays, detailing career goals and reasons for choosing INSEAD.

Special Children

  • A confirmatory document of the child’s special needs from a certified healthcare professional.
  • Age-appropriate academic skills, potentially measured through academic assessments.
  • Ability to participate in a classroom setting, taking into consideration the specific needs of the child.
  • Personal interviews or assessments to understand the child’s unique learning abilities.
  • Personal nomination letter from the previous school indicating the child’s ability to thrive in a unique high-stimulus environment.
  • Evidence of adaptive skills such as self-care, social skills, and home living.
  • Demonstrate satisfactory performance in previous school records.

How To Apply?

  • Choose your Programme: Begin by selecting the particular course you wish to pursue at INSEAD – whether it’s an MBA, an Executive MBA, or a specialized Masters.
  • Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the specific eligibility criteria for your chosen program. This will typically include academic qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, and other specialized requirements depending on the course.
  • Create an Account: Visit the INSEAD website and create an Online Application account. This account will serve as your personal dashboard throughout the application process.
  • Application Form: Fill out the online application form diligently, ensuring correct and thorough details. The form includes aspects such as personal details, academic history, professional experience, and references.
  • Essays: Most programs at INSEAD require the submission of application essays, which present an opportunity to share your story, aspirations, and reasons for choosing INSEAD. Be authentic and articulate in your responses.
  • Test Scores: Submit relevant test scores such as GMAT, GRE, or TOEFL / IELTS / PTE based on the requirements of the program you are applying to. You may need to plan these tests well in advance.
  • Recommendations: Arrange for two professional recommendations to be sent. Choose individuals who can provide insights about your skills, potential, and suitability for the chosen INSEAD program.
  • Application Review: Review your application to ensure all the entered details are accurate, and it presents a strong case for your candidacy.
  • Submit and Pay: Once satisfied, submit your application along with the requisite application fee. The process is not complete until the payment is made.
  • Await Feedback: After submission, your application will be reviewed by the INSEAD admissions committee. If shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview.


INSEAD proudly holds top ratings in several global rankings, reflective of its commitment to providing unparalleled business education. The Financial Times ranking of INSEAD for 2020 positions the business school as one of the top institutions globally for management education. INSEAD’s MBA program was ranked as the #1 MBA program in the world, for the second consecutive year This ranking takes into account various factors such as the career progress of alumni, diversity, faculty research, and the school’s global reach and reputation.

The Financial Times ranking highlights INSEAD’s commitment to producing successful and well-rounded business leaders, with emphasis on the school’s strong alumni network and international focus. The consistent top ranking of the INSEAD MBA program reflects the dedication of faculty and staff to deliver a transformative educational experience.


INSEAD’s world-class education equips students with cutting-edge business acumen and the necessary skills to transform their careers. The prides itself on its robust Career Development Centre, which commits to guiding students in achieving their career goals.

The Career Development Centre actively facilitates student placements, organises recruitment events and offers personalized career counselling to help students chart their career paths. These services range from CV guidance, and interview preparation to job-hunting strategies. Moreover, INSEAD holds several networking events where students can interact with employers from various sectors like finance, consulting, tech, and entrepreneurship.

INSEAD’s placements records are quite commendable. 92% of the MBA graduates from the 2021 batch confirmed that they had at least one job offer in hand 3 months after passing out.

Considering sector placements, consulting firms, including such giants as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain, have traditionally been significant recruiters. In recent years, technology and tech consulting companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have also emerged as prominent hiring firms. Additionally, the finance sector, especially PE, VC, and IB firms, extends remarkable opportunities too.

Accommodation & Other Facilities

INSEAD provides on-campus accommodation in both its Europe and Asia campuses. The Europe campus offers residence halls named Maison du Moulin and the D’Orsay Residence. In Asia, the Ayer Rajah Residence in Singapore is available. These residences come equipped with all essential amenities including, but not limited to, Wi-Fi access, cleaning services, laundry rooms and communal areas to promote social interaction.

Library and Research Facilities: INSEAD boasts state-of-the-art libraries in both its Europe and Asia campuses. These libraries harbor a plethora of resources including books, online databases, and journals. They provide both physical and virtual access to such resources, facilitating students’ academic research and projects.

Leisure and Fitness: To cater to students’ physical well-being and recreational needs, INSEAD provides modern fitness centers in its campuses. These include gyms, sports courts, and spaces for yoga and other forms of exercise. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Europe campus offers an array of activities, such as bike rides and hikes.

Cafeteria: The campuses house cafeterias that offer a wide range of healthy and delicious options, catering to various dietary preferences. These are great places for students to socialize and network.

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