London Business School

London Business School, located in the heart of cosmopolitan London, is a global hub for those seeking business knowledge and practical, real-world skills. It offers a variety of programs including MBA, Masters, and PhD, aiming to transform the ambitions of its students into entrepreneurial action and influential leadership.

About London Business School

Established in 1964, London Business School provides an enriching and inclusive environment, fostering a culture of global perspective and innovation. With students from over 130 countries and a faculty representing over 30 nations, the school truly embodies a multicultural learning atmosphere.

The coursework is designed to emphasise real-world applications, allowing students to be immersed not only in theory but also in practical business scenarios. The programs offered are comprehensive, ranging from Masters Programmes in Management, Finance and Analytics, MBA, and Executive MBA, to a wide variety of Executive Education courses and PhD programs. What sets London Business School apart, however, is its commitment to the wider community. Numerous initiatives, including clubs and social impact projects, provide students with platforms to engage, empower, and effect change in society.

The school’s active alumni network spreads across 170+ countries providing lifelong global connections. This networking opportunity aids the career advancement of its graduates.

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Programmes of the London Business School

Here are the most renowned programmes of the London business school.

Check Complete List of Master Programmes, Executive Education Programmes, and PhD Programme at London Business School

MBA15-21 monthsFull-time
Executive MBA (EMBA)20 monthsPart-time
Masters in Finance (MiF)10-16 monthsFull-time
Masters in Management (MiM)12-16 monthsFull-time
Executive EducationVaries (Short courses)Customized, Open enrollment
PhD4-5 yearsFull-time, Part-time



The full-time MBA program at London Business School offers a transformational experience that aims to foster leadership skills, business acuity, and global perspectives. This 15 to 21-month program is an amalgamation of rigorous academic learning with practical applications. It provides flexibility to tailor the MBA with a range of electives and international exchange options. The program is designed not only to impart theoretical knowledge but also to nurture essential leadership skills, enabling students to approach complex business challenges with an innovative mindset.

Country, CurrencyFees
the United States, USD91672.85**
Canada, CAD121446.99*
Mexico, Peso5067125.18**
India, INR7526000**
Brazil, Real439094.62**

Masters in Management

The MiM program is a one-year comprehensive course designed for recent graduates looking to kick-start their careers in business management. It provides solid foundational exposure to multiple business disciplines along with leadership training. This program is geared towards understanding the interplay between business theories and their practical application, thus preparing students for successful career progressions.

Country, CurrencyFees
the United States, USD48248.23**
Canada, CAD63918.62*
Mexico, Peso2666872.56**
India, INR3961000**
Brazil, Real231099.36**

Masters in Finance

The MiF program at London Business School is a specialized program intended for individuals with a keen interest in finance. Offered as a full-time 10 to 16-month course or a part-time 22-month option, this program provides an in-depth understanding of finance, investment strategies, and financial market dynamics. It is a perfect choice for career advancers or switchers in finance, banking, and related sectors.

Country, CurrencyFees
the United States, USD67920.25**
Canada, CAD89979.86**
Mexico, Peso2985956.03**
India, INR5576000**
Brazil, Real325324.42**

Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy

This is an intense, full-time 12-month program tailored for seasoned professionals and leaders. Unlike traditional programs, Sloan Masters focuses on leadership, strategy, and business transformation. It encourages students to think creatively about complex business scenarios and imparts the ability to design and execute strategic initiatives. This program equips leaders with the necessary skills to lead effectively in a rapidly-changing business environment.

Country, CurrencyFees
the United States, USD42121.28**
Canada, CAD55801.71*
Mexico, Peso2328211.39**
India, INR3458000**
Brazil, Real201752.49**


Student Intakes

ProgramIntake Dates
MBAAugust, January
Executive MBA (EMBA)September
Masters in Finance (MiF)August, January
Masters in Management (MiM)August, September

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must possess an undergraduate degree or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized institution.
  • A minimum of two years of relevant work experience is typically required.
  • English language proficiency needs to be demonstrated via TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, or CPE scores, if applicable.
  • Scores from standardized tests like the GMAT or GRE may be required depending on the chosen course.
  • A successful interview may be part of the selection process for many courses.

How To Apply?

  • Select a Program: Decide on the course you want to pursue according to your career goals and specific eligibility criteria.
  • Online Application: Begin your application by creating an account on the official website of the London Business School. You can save and return to your application as many times as you want before submitting it.
  • Fill in Your Details: Provide your personal details, academic history, professional experience, and other relevant information as requested in the application form.
  • Test Scores: Add your GMAT or GRE scores, depending on the program’s requirements. English language proficiency test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or CPE may also be required for non-native English speakers.
  • Essays and Recommendations: Complete the necessary essay questions detailing your professional goals and why you wish to join the program. You will also need to arrange for professional or academic references as per the course requirements.
  • Submit the Application: Review all details for accuracy before submitting the application. Note that a non-refundable application fee is usually required.
  • Interview: If the admissions department selects your application, you will be invited for an interview, either on campus or via video call, with a member of the admissions committee or an alumnus.
  • Await Decision: After completion of the interview, there will be a waiting period during which your application will be thoroughly reviewed before a final decision is communicated to you.

Rankings & Awards

London Business School holds an esteemed position globally for its exemplary contribution in the field of management education. In the QS Global MBA Ranking 2021, the school’s MBA program is ranked #7 worldwide. It held the #3 positions in the 2020 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking. The Masters in Finance program was ranked #1 globally by the Financial Times in 2017, a testament to the quality and relevance of its finance education.

The school’s Masters in Management program has been in the top 10 consistently in the Financial Times rankings, reflecting the program’s academic rigor, strong alumni network, and career progression of its graduates. In addition, 


At London Business School, they recognize that pursuing a degree is a significant investment and commitment. Various scholarships are offered to support students financially according to different criteria. These scholarships can be based on merit, nationality, gender, professional background, or sector of employment.

For the MBA program, several scholarships such as the Gallifrey Scholarship for Social Enterprise, LBS Sloan and Alumni Scholarship, and several corporate-sponsored scholarships are available. For the Master in Management, there are awards like the MiM Merit Scholarship and the Santander Scholarships, among others.

Certain scholarships are also dedicated to women in business, such as the ‘Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund’ and ‘MBA 50th Anniversary Scholarship for Women’. Global scholarships are available for students from various regions like Africa and North America to foster diversity within the school.


The Career Centre at London Business School plays a pivotal role in preparing students for their post-graduate career paths. With a robust network of reputed firms across various sectors and regions, the school ensures excellent placement opportunities.

The MBA employment report of 2020 reveals that 92% of students accepted job offers within three months of graduation. The diverse range of sectors recruiting from LBS includes consulting, finance, tech, media, healthcare, and more. Top employers include McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, Google, and J.P. Morgan.

London Business School’s Masters in Management boasts a high employment rate with the 2020 employment report showing that 96% of job-seeking students received an offer within three months of graduation. Also, the Masters in Finance graduates have a high placement rate, with finance and banking sector firms like Goldman Sachs and Barclays at the forefront of recruitment.

Accommodation & Other Facilities

London Business School provides a range of accommodation options and facilities to enhance the student experience. For accommodation, the school promotes a list of privately-operated halls of residence and private properties located conveniently close to the campus. For those looking to experience London fully, the private rental and shared accommodation market can be an excellent choice. They also offer assistance through their Student Accommodation Office to aid the students in seeking the most suitable accommodation.

The campus itself is equipped with numerous facilities. The library, known as ‘The Nash’, has an extensive collection of online databases, journals, books, and printed, covering all aspects of business and economics. The school also offers state-of-the-art lecture theatres, classrooms, and a range of flexible study areas to cater to every student’s needs.

For students’ holistic development, there are fitness facilities available including a gym encompassing modern equipment and providing personal training services. The school’s location next to Regent’s Park offers added opportunities for jogging, cycling, and outdoor sports.

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