Master the GMAT With 40 Free Resources to Achieve a 720+ Score – 2024 Edition

Are you ready to take your GMAT preparation to the next level and wondering how to score 700+ in GMAT? Wondering how to prepare for GMAT? If you’re an ambitious individual aspiring to pursue an MBA or other graduate management programs, the GMAT is a crucial stepping stone on your path to success. The GMAT is a challenging exam that assesses your abilities in critical thinking, analytical writing, problem-solving, and data interpretation. It plays a significant role in the admissions process of top business schools around the world. We’re here to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to conquer the GMAT and stand out from the competition.

Here are 40 free GMAT resources. Let’s empower you with the tools and knowledge to maximize your potential on the GMAT. With the right resources and a focused study plan, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to tackle the exam with precision and achieve that coveted 720+ score.

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Why Is GMAT Important?

  • The GMAT exam serves as a robust evaluation tool, emphasizing critical thinking and analytical competencies. These skills are fundamental for success in MBA programs.
  • Proficiency in both mathematics and English is crucial for the completion of an MBA degree. GMAT assesses and highlights these essential skills, providing a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s academic capabilities.
  • One of the standout benefits of the GMAT is its global recognition. Scores from the GMAT are accepted by a vast network of more than 2000 business schools worldwide.
  • Over 7000 MBA and Master in Management (MIM) programs mandate GMAT scores for admissions. This widespread acceptance makes the GMAT an indispensable and reliable pathway to securing admission in renowned MBA programs globally.
  • Pursuing an MBA abroad often comes with financial considerations, especially for international students. A strong GMAT score can open doors to various scholarship opportunities.
  • Many universities and scholarship committees recognize outstanding GMAT performance as a testament to a candidate’s academic prowess. By securing a GMAT scholarship, students can alleviate the financial burden associated with their dream university, making their MBA aspirations more achievable.

How To Overcome Procrastination In GMAT Preparation?

Achieving a high score on the GMAT requires dedication, commitment, and a well-planned study approach, especially when students wonder how to prepare for GMAT at home. Unfortunately, many students fall short of their desired GMAT scores for various reasons. Let’s explore some common pitfalls that can lead to failure in GMAT preparation so that you can plan to overcome procrastination GMAT:

  • Inconsistent Preparation: Consistency is key when it comes to GMAT preparation. If you fail to maintain a regular study routine, it can significantly impact your progress. Being busy with other exams or work is understandable, but it’s crucial to allocate dedicated time each day for GMAT preparation. Even if it’s just an hour, consistent daily practice will prevent your skills from stagnating. Remember, taking long breaks can disrupt your productivity and hinder your overall performance. Strive to study daily and utilize weekends for more intensive study sessions.
  • Lack of Clarity: One of the fundamental reasons students stumble in their GMAT preparation is a lack of clarity about why they are taking the exam. Simply taking the GMAT without a clear purpose or goal can lead to aimless studying and GMAT procrastination. It’s essential to reflect on your aspirations, research your dream colleges, and identify the programs that align with your future prospects. Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can set a target score that reflects your ambitions, providing the necessary motivation to drive your preparation forward. Now that you have your target set, the below mentioned resources will help you with GMAT target test preparation.
  • Absence of a Well-Structured Plan: Many students adopt an arbitrary and haphazard approach to studying for the GMAT, which ultimately leads to poor outcomes. Mere reliance on a few GMAT prep books and occasional online GMAT practice tests does not constitute a solid plan. To increase your chances of success, it is crucial to develop a well-structured study plan. This plan should encompass various aspects, including gaining in-depth content knowledge, familiarizing yourself with test-taking strategies, and extensive practice. Create a step-by-step roadmap that covers all essential topics, allocate time for review and practice, and continuously assess your progress to stay on track.

These are some points to remember while preparing for GMAT. But, how to study for GMAT now? Below are plenty of free free online GMAT preparation resources for best prep for GMAT.

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40 Free And Best Resources To Prepare For GMAT

10 Best GMAT Apps


Average Rating: 4.6 stars (iOS)

Download: iOS

Ready4GMAT is a highly-rated app that offers over 2000 free verbal and quantitative questions, practice tests, flashcards, and in-app score analysis. It covers critical GMAT concepts and even provides one-on-one online tutoring to clarify any difficulties you may encounter, is a good GMAT verbal test resource. With its adaptive algorithms, the app tracks your performance, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and helps you focus on areas that need improvement.

Manhattan Prep GMAT

Average Rating: 4 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

Download: iOS, Android

Manhattan Prep GMAT is a comprehensive app featuring 1,110 practice questions, 16 practice quizzes, terminology flashcards, and extensive verbal and mathematics content. It offers strategies for each question type, detailed progress tracking, and in-depth statistics to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. With its wide range of quality content, this app is a valuable resource for your GMAT preparation.

Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice

Average Rating: 4.3 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

Download: iOS, Android

Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice offers two separate apps – one focused on math flashcards and the other on idiom flashcards. The math flashcard app covers essential formulas and provides practice questions across various difficulty levels. The idiom flashcard app helps you master idioms used in the GMAT through a smart algorithm targeting specific focus areas. Both apps are designed to enhance your GMAT preparation.

Bloomberg GMAT Tutor

Average Rating: 4.3 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

Download: iOS, Android

Bloomberg GMAT Tutor serves as a companion to the Economist’s best GMAT prep course online. It utilizes adaptive learning technology to identify areas for improvement and provides practice questions, exams, and feedback from accredited tutors. This GMAT prep app offers a unique Ask-a-Tutor messaging tool, allowing you to connect with tutors for additional assistance.

GMAT ToolKit 2

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (iOS)

Download: iOS

GMAT ToolKit 2 app, developed by the GMAT Club Forum, combines resources from five reputable test prep companies. It includes questions from Kaplan, Princeton Review GMAT prep, Manhattan GMAT, Knewton, and Manhattan prep GMAT books Review, along with quant and idiom flashcards. Additionally, you can access tips and tricks shared by high-scoring test-takers and stay updated on the latest GMAT news and trends. You may also try looking for Manhattan prep GMAT pdf online.

GMAT™ Test Pro 2022

Average Rating: 4.6 stars (Android)

Download: Android

GMAT Test Pro 2022 provides a vast collection of GMAT questions with detailed explanations to enhance your performance. This app covers various topics and aims to simulate the GMAT exam experience, allowing you to practice under realistic conditions.

Varsity GMAT Prep

Average Rating: 4.6 stars (Android)

Download: Android

Varsity GMAT Prep focuses on helping you achieve a high score on the GMAT, opening doors to your dream graduate program. This app provides valuable resources and guidance for your GMAT journey.

Exam Proctor by TestMax

Average Rating: 4.3 stars (iOS)

Download: iOS

Exam Proctor by TestMax offers a realistic exam day experience for various standardized exams, including the GMAT. It recreates the timing and conditions of an actual test room, allowing you to optimize your score through consistent practice under exam-like conditions.

GMAT Exam Prep App

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

Download: iOSAndroid

GMAT Exam Prep App includes practice quizzes, video lectures, mock tests, previous year questions with solutions, and shortcut tricks to aid your preparation for the 2024 examination. It covers a wide range of GMAT topics and offers valuable resources to enhance your knowledge.

Magoosh – GMAT Math Flashcards

Average Rating: 4.5 stars (Android), 4.7 stars (iOS)

Download: iOSAndroid

Magoosh GMAT Math Flashcards provide a comprehensive review of GMAT math concepts through quizzes and jumbles. It’s the best GMAT math prep available. With over 450 questions in algebra and geometry, as well as fundamental flashcards covering definitions, formulas, and sample problems, this app equips you with the knowledge needed to excel in the exam.

10 Free GMAT Mock Tests for Effective Preparation

  • Kaplan Free GMAT Practice Test: Kaplan offers a realistic GMAT practice test with high-quality questions. You can take this Kaplan GMAT prep course and test anytime and even sign up for a live, instructor-proctored test to receive live explanations from Kaplan faculty. Access easy and meticulous video answer explanations to understand the concepts better.
  • Veritas Free GMAT Practice Test: Veritas provides realistic mock tests with high-quality practice questions. You can take the exam in one go or choose specific sections. Pause the test like the official GMAT practice tests, but it’s recommended to follow the real GMAT timing for stamina building. Veritas also offers additional computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests for a fee. You may also try for Veritas prep GMAT books.
  • INSEAD Full GMAT Practice Test: Test your GMAT knowledge with INSEAD’s free GMAT Practice Test or familiarize yourself with the exam. INSEAD is a prestigious business school offering a variety of MBA and executive education programs.
  • Princeton Review Free GMAT Practice Test: Create an account on Princeton Review to access one free GMAT practice test. You can take it self-proctored or online. Attend their one-practice test event for a realistic testing center experience.
  • 800 Score Test: Take the first of five practice tests for free with 800 Score. The questions are relatively realistic, and both the verbal and math sections have an adaptive format. Review your answers, read explanations, and analyze time spent on each question.
  • McGraw-Hill Free GMAT Tests: McGraw-Hill offers six free GMAT tests, each covering three of the four GMAT sections. While the visuals may differ from the real exam, the questions are relevant. You can take these tests timed or untimed and save your progress.
  • Babson or London Business School Practice Test: Both Babson and London Business School provide GMAT practice resources on their GMAT prep websites. These tests include realistic, timed verbal and math sections but exclude the AWA and Integrated Reasoning sections. Create an account to access these resources.
  • GMAT Club Test Practice: GMAT Club offers computer-adaptive verbal and quantitative sections with realistic questions and visuals. Access independent sets of questions in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, math, and sentence correction. Creating an account unlocks additional benefits.
  • Prep Adviser Test: The Prep Adviser Test includes integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal sections but excludes the AWA segment. Take the sections separately with a question tracker and timer. While the questions are easier than the real GMAT, they provide valuable practice.
  • Test Prep Practice: Test Prep Practice offers question types for the quantitative and verbal sections, including reading comprehension, data sufficiency, critical reasoning, sentence correction, and problem-solving. Use these tests to drill skills and gain more practice.

10 Online GMAT Video Resources

  • Khan Academy GMAT Lessons: Access free GMAT video lessons on Khan Academy, offering a world-class education at no cost. Master problem-solving and data sufficiency with ease to excel in your academic and professional endeavors.
  • Perfect Scores GMAT Prep: Prepare for a high GMAT score with detailed videos on the Perfect Scores channel. Covering GMAT, GRE, and other SAT exams, the channel provides simple and easy-to-understand lessons.
  • Manhattan Prep GMAT: Receive industry-leading GMAT test prep online from Manhattan Prep, featuring expert instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile. Choose from GMAT test online GMAT prep course and in-person courses, free resources, and personalized tutoring to help you achieve your best score.
  • Wizako GMAT Prep: Find comprehensive GMAT preparation resources on the Wizako GMAT Prep channel. Access quant lesson videos, practice questions, and valuable test-taking tips to excel in the exam.
  • GMAT Club: Join the GMAT Club online community and forum, a valuable resource for GMAT test takers and MBA applicants. Explore a wealth of information, resources, and support to guide you through GMAT preparation and the business school admissions process.
  • Magoosh GMAT: Magoosh offers effective tips and guidance specifically tailored to GMAT preparation. With a focus on the GMAT exam, this channel provides valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed.
  • Official GMAT: Visit the official GMAT YouTube Channel for high-quality videos to kickstart your GMAT preparation. Access informative content and valuable resources to support you in the early stages of your GMAT journey.
  • Dominate the GMAT: Led by GMAT Guru Brett Ethridge, Dominate the GMAT offers helpful GMAT preparation videos. While the channel may not have a large number of videos or regular uploads, the existing content is highly beneficial for your GMAT preparation.
  • GMAT Prep Now: GMAT Prep Now is a valuable channel with over 398 videos dedicated to GMAT and CAT entrance exams. Utilize the comprehensive video library to enhance your preparation.
  • Veritas Prep GMAT: Veritas Prep GMAT, founded by Yale graduates Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg, provides top-quality videos to help you achieve a high score on the GMAT. Benefit from their expertise and comprehensive lessons for GMAT success.

10 Essential GMAT Resources

  • Interactive GMAT Exam Tutorial: Gain a preview of the GMAT test experience, including the interface, navigation, and test center expectations. Learn about the exam structure and familiarize yourself with the test screens and layouts.
  • The Definitive GMAT Study Plan – 2024 Edition: Embark on a path to GMAT success with a comprehensive step-by-step study plan. Tailored to your learning style and preferences, this plan provides a structured approach to help you reach your highest potential on the GMAT, whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to improve your current score.
  • GMAT™ Official Starter Kit: Maximize your chances of success with this exclusive sampler, featuring 90 past exam questions and the first two full-length practice exams. Designed to simulate the real exam format, these practice exams progressively increase in difficulty, providing a comprehensive assessment of your skills and knowledge.
  • 60-Day GMAT Study Guide: Enroll in this free study guide and receive a daily email outlining how to start preparing for GMAT over a 60-day period.
  • GMAT Prep Flashcards: Developed by Career Launcher, these flashcards offer a quick and aggressive approach to mastering GMAT concepts. Created by experienced professionals and guided by alumni from prestigious institutions such as IIT and IIM, this program covers the basics and equips you with strategies to tackle GMAT questions. The institute also conducts practice drills and mock tests to gauge your preparation level.
  • The GMAT Mini Quiz: Test your skills with this mini quiz, consisting of 8 real questions (4 Verbal Reasoning and 4 Quantitative) from past GMAT exams.
  • Manhattan Prep Free Classes: Founded in 2000, Manhattan Prep offers a range of GMAT prep courses, including Interact GMAT, private tutoring, and live GMAT test prep classes. With online and in-person options available, their faculty comprises experienced instructors to guide you through the preparation process.
  • Bayes Business School GMAT Mini Quiz: Take advantage of this opportunity to estimate your GMAT score. After completing the mini quiz, review the answer explanations to enhance your understanding of these question types. Enter your email address to view your score and access the answer explanations.
  • TargetTestPrep GMAT Quant Cheat Sheet: Target Test Prep specializes in online test preparation, focusing on helping students achieve high scores on exams like the GMAT and GRE. They provide comprehensive study plans, adaptive practice tests, and personalized coaching to enhance skills and build confidence.
  • Magoosh’s Complete Guide to the GMAT: Magoosh offers a comprehensive study guide for the GMAT, covering all sections of the exam, including quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing. This guide serves as a valuable resource to help you free GMAT preparation effectively.

These 40 free GMAT resources in the 2024 edition provides aspiring test-takers with a wealth of valuable tools to master the GMAT and aim for a score of 720 or higher. These resources encompass a wide range of study materials, including practice exams, video lessons, study plans, flashcards, and more. By taking advantage of these resources, test-takers can enhance their knowledge, improve their test-taking skills, and boost their chances of achieving their desired GMAT score. With diligent preparation and utilization of these free resources, individuals can confidently approach the GMAT and work towards their academic and professional aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. Common reasons include a lack of a structured study plan, underestimating foundational concepts, inconsistent practice, and ignoring official GMAT materials.

A. The duration of GMAT preparation varies from person to person, depending on individual circumstances and study habits. On average, most of the students spend around three to six months preparing for the GMAT exam. However, it is recommended to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, create a study plan, and allocate sufficient time to cover all the necessary content and practice effectively.

A. Wondering how to score 700 in GMAT? Achieving a high GMAT score requires strategic planning and diligent preparation. Here are some tips to help you crack the GMAT and score high:

  • Familiarize yourself with the GMAT exam format and content.
  • Create a study plan and stick to it consistently.
  • Utilize a variety of study resources, including free online materials, practice questions, and prep courses.
  • Focus on strengthening your weak areas while maintaining your strengths.
  • Practice time management to improve your pacing during the exam.
  • Take mock tests to assess your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Analyze your mistakes and learn from them to enhance your performance.
  • Seek guidance from experts or consider joining a GMAT prep course for personalized instruction and guidance.

A. There are several online platforms and resources that offer GMAT prep question banks. Some recommended sources include:

  • Official GMAT Prep Software by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
  • Manhattan Prep GMAT Question Bank
  • Veritas Prep Question Bank
  • Kaplan GMAT Question Bank

A. Yes, there are PDFs available for self-study. Many test prep companies offer free and paid PDF guides that cover various aspects of the GMAT exam, including content review, strategies, and practice questions. Examples include the Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides, Kaplan GMAT Prep PDFs, and Veritas Prep GMAT PDF guides.

A. Pearson, the company that administers the GMAT exam, provides free resources to help with GMAT preparation. These resources can be found on the official GMAT website and may include practice questions, sample exams, and test-taking strategies.

A. While it is important to respect copyright laws and support the authors and publishers, there are some free resources available online that offer study materials related to the Manhattan GMAT Prep books. However, it is recommended to purchase the original books or access authorized digital versions to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate materials.

A. Not necessarily. The necessity of coaching depends on your learning style, self-discipline, and familiarity with the GMAT format.

Remember, effective GMAT preparation involves a combination of quality study materials, dedicated practice, and strategic planning. It is important to find the right resources that align with your learning style and goals to maximize your chances of achieving a high GMAT score.