Pearson test of English (PTE) – Pattern, Preparation Tips

Wondering if PTE is the right English proficiency test for you or not? This post covers what exactly this test is, who can write it, types of the exam, exam pattern, syllabus, duration, results and scoring, registration process, application fee, and much more. We have also covered some important tips for your preparation and free resources.

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What Is Pearson Test of English?

PTE is a leading computer-based English language assessment designed to evaluate your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Whether you are a student aspiring to study abroad, a professional seeking global opportunities, or an immigration candidate aiming for language proficiency, PTE offers a reliable and efficient way to showcase your English language abilities. With its accurate and objective assessment methods, PTE has gained widespread recognition from universities, employers, and governments worldwide.

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Why Take Pearson Test of English?

If you’re wondering why opt for the PTE exam, here’s a concise guide to help you understand its significance:

  • Global Recognition: PTE is widely accepted across continents, including Europe, the USA, Australia, and Asia, opening doors to international opportunities.
  • Quick Results: Test-takers experience minimal waiting time as PTE provides swift result processing, ensuring you get your scores promptly.
  • Error-Free Evaluation: Being computer-delivered and machine-scored, PTE eliminates the possibility of human error, ensuring accurate and fair assessment.
  • Convenient Booking: Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your test, even 24 hours before your preferred date, subject to seat availability, making it convenient for your busy schedule.
  • Academic Advantage: PTE exam preparation equips you with university-level English language skills, enhancing your academic prospects on a global scale.

Choose PTE for a seamless and reliable assessment experience, propelling you towards your international academic and professional aspirations.

Types of Pearson Test of English

PTE Exam Variants Worldwide, there are three distinct types of PTE exams:

  1. PTE Academic Exam: Tailored for assessing proficiency in university-level English language usage, this exam is widely favored by global students.
  2. PTE General Exam: Specifically designed to evaluate competence in using International English in professional settings and everyday scenarios.
  3. PTE Young Learner Exam: Geared towards children aged 7 to 12, assessing their language skills at a young age.

Of these options, the PTE Academic Exam stands out as the most popular choice among international students due to its relevance and acceptance in academic circles.

Eligibility Criteria For PTE Academic

You are eligible to take the PTE test if you meet the following criteria:

Age Requirement: Minimum age limit is 16 years; individuals below 18 years require parental consent.

Academic Qualifications: No specific minimum qualification is required, but PTE Academic is intended for those interested in pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate level courses.

Attempts Limit: There is no maximum attempt restriction; however, a 5-day gap between two tests is mandatory.

Exam Pattern And Syllabus

SectionTypes of Test ItemsNumber of Test ItemsDuration
Speaking & WritingRead aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Re-tell lecture, Short question, Summarise written text, Essay writing38 – 47Approximately 72 to 93 minutes
ListeningSummarise spoken text, MCQ – multiple answers, MCQ – single answer, Fill in the blanks, Highlight correct summary, Highlight incorrect word, Select missing word, Write from dictation17 – 25Approximately 44 to 61 minutes
ReadingFill in the blanks, MCQ – multiple answers, MCQ – single answer, Re-order paragraph15 – 20Approximately 31 to 41 minutes

The PTE exam is a computer-based, machine-scored test assessing English language readiness globally.

  • It covers 20 different test item types across Speaking & Writing, Listening, and Reading sections.
  • Scoring follows two rules: Correct/Incorrect for objective items and Partial Credit for subjective items based on formal aspects and response quality.
  • The exam duration is 180 minutes, with a focus on effective speaking and writing skills, emphasizing their importance in academic careers. For detailed information, including cost, syllabus, structure, and scorecard, refer to the provided video.

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Results & Scores

PTE Academic Score Aligned with GSE LevelsGSE LevelsPTE Academic Score
Proficient UsersC2 (Very Good-Expert)84-90 (Very Good-Expert)
Independent UsersC1 (Very Good)74-84 (Very Good)
B2 (Competent)58-74 (Competent)
Basic UsersB1 (Competent)42-58 (Competent)
A2 (Good)30-42 (Good)
A1 (Limited-Modest)10-30 (Limited-Modest)

PTE Score CardScore Range (10-90)
Overall Score78 and above (Very High)
Communicative Skills Score
Listening84 and above
Reading90 and above
Speaking89 and above
Writing90 and above
Enabling Skills Score
Grammar, Oral Fluency, Spelling, etc.Varies based on skills

PTE Academic scores reflect proficiency levels and are essential for visa and university applications. Enabling Skills Scores identify strengths and areas for improvement.

How To Register?

PTE Exam Fees

CountryPTE Academic/Academic Online/Academic UKVIPTE Home A1/A2/B1
Australia$410 AUD$345 AUD
Germany$250 USD$210 USD
India₹15900 INR₹13500 INR
Canada$330 CAD$280 CAD

Rescore Option: You may also pay a rescore fee after paying for PTE. As the test is scored based on AI-algorithm, you should not expect any mistakes in the results. However, if rescore results has any changes, PTE refunds you the rescore fee.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancelling before 14 days or More: full refund
  • Cancelling within 8-13 Days: 50% refund
  • Cancelling before less than 8 days: No Refund (booking fee forfeited)

Booking Process

  • Create an Account on Pearson PTE’s official website.
  • Log In to myPTE Account, Set Up Profile.
  • Complete Booking Questions.
  • Choose Preferred Exam Appointment (Test Centre, Date, Time).
  • Review Booking Details.
  • Make Payment to Confirm Booking.

Available Exam Dates

  • Check and book exam dates online on the official site while registering.
  • Book up to 24 hours in advance.
  • As there are limited seats, book early for preferred slots.

Note: PTE’s AI-driven testing technology ensures fairness, attracting international students due to its unbiased assessment.

Preparation Tips

Preparing for the PTE exam can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve your desired score. Here are essential tips and resources to guide you through your PTE preparation journey:

  • Know Your Target Score: Understand your target score to assess your current proficiency level. This awareness will help you strategize your PTE preparation effectively.
  • Familiarize Yourself with Exam Pattern: Study the PTE exam pattern to grasp instructions, time allocation, and question types. Being familiar with the format enhances your confidence during the exam.
  • Understand Scoring Methods: Learn how the PTE test is scored. While correctness is crucial, formal aspects and response quality also influence scoring. Be aware of the evaluation criteria.
  • Expand Vocabulary and Grammar: Strengthen your vocabulary by reading newspapers, novels, and online resources. Utilize vocabulary apps and tools to enhance your word power. Focus on grammar skills too.
  • Improve Speaking Skills: Enhance pronunciation and fluency by listening to English podcasts, watching movies, and practicing speaking in front of a mirror. Clear communication is key.
  • Use Reliable Preparation Material: Rely on official PTE resources. Visit the official PTE website for free preparation materials. For in-depth preparation, consider PTE’s paid packages and products.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is vital. Solve PTE sample papers and mock tests to simulate exam conditions. It helps gauge your progress and identifies areas needing improvement.

Remember, consistent and focused practice, coupled with reliable resources, will pave the way for your success in the PTE exam.

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Free Preparation Resources

Free Study Materials

Speaking Material

Enhance your speaking skills with expert guidance and tailored exercises provided by PTE Academy. Master the art of clear communication, pronunciation, and fluency, ensuring confidence on your PTE speaking test day.

Writing Material

Explore a wealth of writing resources curated by PTE Academy, designed to refine your writing abilities. From structuring essays effectively to crafting cohesive responses, these materials empower you to excel in the writing section of the PTE exam.

Free Reading Material

Unlock a treasure trove of free reading resources offered by PTE Academy. Improve your comprehension skills and tackle complex texts with confidence. These materials are meticulously crafted to enhance your reading speed and accuracy.

Free Listening Material

Immerse yourself in PTE Academy’s free listening resources, honing your ability to grasp spoken English in various contexts. Practice with audio materials and exercises that mirror the PTE exam format, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the listening section.

Study Material – PDF

Download comprehensive PDF study materials from PTE Academy, covering essential topics, vocabulary, and grammar rules. These resources serve as invaluable reference materials, aiding your understanding of key concepts tested in the PTE exam.

Read Aloud Material – PDF

Access PDF documents containing read aloud exercises and texts, meticulously curated by PTE Academy. Practice pronunciation, intonation, and fluency using these materials, honing your speaking skills for the read aloud section of the PTE exam.

Free Video Tutorials

Speaking Videos

Dive into a collection of insightful speaking videos by PTE Academy. From mastering pronunciation to developing effective speaking strategies, these videos provide valuable insights and techniques to excel in the speaking section of the PTE exam.

Writing Videos

Explore comprehensive writing tutorials and videos offered by PTE Academy. Delve into diverse essay types, understand proper structuring, and refine your language usage. These videos provide essential tips and tricks for achieving excellence in the writing section.

Reading Videos

Elevate your reading skills with PTE Academy’s instructive reading videos. Learn advanced strategies for dissecting complex texts and answering related questions. These videos enhance your comprehension abilities, preparing you for the challenges of the PTE reading section.

Listening Videos

Sharpen your listening abilities with PTE Academy’s engaging listening videos. Explore practical exercises, sample audio clips, and expert tips designed to enhance your auditory skills. These videos are tailored to simulate real exam scenarios, ensuring you’re ready for the PTE listening section.

PTE Sample Papers

ReadingSample Paper
WritingSample Paper
SpeakingSample Paper
ListeningSample Audio Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

One common question asked is whether PTE is easier than IELTS. It’s essential to understand that both PTE and IELTS assess core English language abilities, including Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading. There isn’t a definitive answer to which test is easier, as each has its unique exam format, structure, and types of questions.

In the PTE scoring system, which ranges from 10 to 90, a score falling between 50 and 58 is regarded as average. A score above 65 is considered good in PTE.

PTE Academic scores are widely accepted by thousands of institutions around the world, including universities, colleges, and professional associations, in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. PTE scores are recognized for various purposes, including academic admissions, visa applications, and professional certifications, making it a globally recognized English proficiency test.