Stanford University

Stanford University, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a prestigious institution renowned for its commitment to innovation, academic excellence, and a rich history dating back to 1885. Stanford consistently ranks among the top universities globally, attracting bright minds from around the world.

Why Choose Stanford University?

  • Innovative Research: Engage in groundbreaking research across various disciplines.
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Located in Silicon Valley, Stanford offers a unique environment for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Diverse Community: Join a vibrant and diverse community of students, faculty, and staff from around the globe.
  • Global Impact: Stanford alumni are known for making significant contributions to society, driving positive change on a global scale.

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Stanford University Ranking

Stanford University has consistently earned top-tier rankings from various reputable agencies in the United States. The university’s impressive standing is highlighted through the following rankings:

  • QS World University Rankings 2024: Ranked at an impressive #5.
  • QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024: Secured the #4 position.
  • Graduate Employability Ranking 2024: Recognized at an outstanding #2.
  • QS Sustainability Ranking 2024: Positioned at a noteworthy #26.
  • THE (Times Higher Education) University Ranking 2023: Achieved an admirable #3.
  • US News Global Ranking 2023: Secured an impressive #3.
  • US News National University Ranking 2023: Maintained a strong position at #3.

Stanford University Acceptance Rate

The admission process at Stanford University is highly competitive, especially for international students, with an acceptance rate of 5%. The university sets specific score requirements for various exams to ensure a high academic standard. The following are the score expectations for international students seeking admission to Stanford University:

  • SAT: A score range of 1440-1550.
  • ACT: For the 25th percentile, a score of 32 and above; for the 75th percentile, a score of 35 and above.
  • GRE: A score range of 166-172.
  • TOEFL:
    • Doctoral Programs: A minimum score of 100.
    • Master’s Programs (excluding the School of Engineering): A minimum score of 100.
    • Master’s Programs (School of Engineering): A minimum score of 89.

These score requirements reflect Stanford University’s commitment to admitting students who demonstrate exceptional academic proficiency, ensuring a rigorous and intellectually stimulating academic environment.

Stanford University PROGRAMS

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Degree LevelProgramsTotal Annual Fees
Bachelor’sBachelor of Science [B.S], Biomechanical EngineeringUSD 62,580
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Aeronautics and AstronauticsUSD 57,490.98
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Energy Resources EngineeringUSD 62,580
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], BioengineeringUSD 62,580
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Computational and Mathematical EngineeringUSD 62,580
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Computer ScienceUSD 76,877.86
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Data Science [MS in Stanford University]USD 54,124.81
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Electrical EngineeringUSD 62,580
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Management Science and EngineeringUSD 67,800
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], Mechanical EngineeringUSD 62,580
Bachelor’sBachelor of Science [B.S], Computer Science [Computer Science Stanford]USD 88,010.75
Master’sMaster of Business Administration [MBA Stanford]USD 79,860
Master’sMaster of Business Administration in Finance [MBA Stanford University]USD 79,860
Master’sMaster of Science [M.S], StatisticsUSD 77,314.33


Student Intakes For 2023-2024

Here’s a table calendar for the important dates in 2023-2024 at Stanford University:

LevelProgramApplication Deadline
UndergraduateArts PortfolioOctober 15, 2023 (Early Action), December 5, 2023 (Regular Decision)
UndergraduateStandard ApplicationNovember 1, 2023 (Early Action), January 5, 2024 (Regular Decision)
UndergraduateNotification for Missing DocumentsMid-November (Early Action), Mid-February (Regular Decision)
UndergraduateAdmission Decision DateDecember 15, 2023 (Early Action), April 1, 2024 (Regular Decision)
GraduateVarious ProgramsVaries by Program and Round (e.g., Round 1: September 12, 2023, Round 2: January 4, 2024, Round 3: April 9, 2024)
GraduateComputational and Mathematical EngineeringJanuary 30, 2024 (Autumn Intake)

Eligibility Criteria For Stanford University

Undergraduate Students (Domestic and International)

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program.
  • Have graduated from high school or secondary school or equivalent.
  • Be a current university student or have some university or post-secondary experience.

International Students

Be able to verify fluency in the English language, using one of the methods described in the English Language Proficiency section on the International Students page.

If you have earned or will have completed the requirements for an undergraduate degree by the start of the Summer Quarter, your application will be evaluated as a visiting graduate student. You do not need to be currently pursuing a graduate degree to be admitted as a visiting graduate student for the Summer Quarter.

Graduate Students (Domestic and International)

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program.
  • Have graduated or have completed your requirements from your university or post-secondary institution.

International Students

Be able to verify fluency in the English language, using one of the methods described in the English Language Proficiency section on the International Students page.

You do not need to be currently enrolled in a graduate program to be eligible. Any student who has completed their undergraduate degree requirements will be evaluated as a graduate student for the Summer Quarter.

High School Students (Domestic and International)

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be a current sophomore, junior, or senior at the time of application.
  • Be at least 16 at the start of the program, June 22, 2024, and no more than 19 by the last day, August 18, 2024. There are no exceptions to these age restrictions.
  • Not be matriculating into Stanford as a first year.

International Students

Be able to verify fluency in the English language, using one of the methods described in the English Language Proficiency section on the International Students page.

Gap Year Students (Domestic and International)

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program.
  • Have graduated from high school or secondary school or equivalent.
  • Not be matriculating into Stanford as a first year.

International Students

Be able to verify fluency in the English language, using one of the methods described in the English Language Proficiency section on the International Students page.

How To Apply?

Application Fee

  • Undergraduate Application Fee: USD 90
  • Postgraduate Application Fee: USD 125

Admission Requirements

Candidates aspiring to join the Stanford University must fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • Common Application
  • USD 90 non-refundable application fee or a request for a fee waiver
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • School Report form and counselor letter of recommendation
  • Official transcript(s) or academic results
  • Letters of recommendation from two teachers
  • Midyear transcript (by February 15)

Admission Processing Time: The processing time for Stanford University applications typically takes around 3 to 4 weeks.

Stanford University UG Admission Process

The undergraduate admission process at Stanford University involves the following steps:

  1. Complete the application form and submit the non-refundable application fee.
  2. Provide a school report and counselor letter of recommendation.
  3. Furnish certified electronic transcripts from all educational institutions attended.
  4. Submit an engaging Statement of Purpose (SOP) for U.S. universities.
  5. Compose a personal essay.
  6. Include a copy of your passport.
  7. Obtain academic letters of recommendation from two teachers.
  8. Present certification of finances.
  9. Undertake standardized exams for studying in the USA.
    • TOEFL (iBT) scores: A score of 100 or an IELTS score of 7.0 is required. Stanford only accepts TOEFL scores at the graduate level.

Stanford University PG Admission Process

For postgraduate admission to Stanford University, candidates must adhere to the master’s eligibility criteria. The detailed requirements for the postgraduate admission process are as follows:

TOEFL Requirements:

  • Master’s Programs: School of Engineering: 89
  • Master’s Programs: Humanities, Social Sciences, Education: 100
  • Doctoral Programs (Stanford PhD) – All Fields: 100

Admission Requirement for Stanford:

Candidates require both IELTS and TOEFL scores. The minimum scores for Stanford University admissions are:

Program TypeMinimum TOEFL Score
Doctoral Programs: all100
Master’s Programs: all except School of Engineering100
Master’s Programs: School of Engineering89

Cost of Attendance

ExpensesTotal Cost
Room and BoardUSD 17,375.03
Student Fee AllowanceUSD 1,992.27
Books and Supplies AllowanceUSD 1,255.74
Personal Expenses AllowanceUSD 2,197.54
TravelUSD 1,605.89
TotalUSD 24,526.47


Inclusive Gender Representation: Stanford University celebrates a balanced gender representation, with 49% male and 51% female students.

Embracing Ethnic Diversity: The university proudly embraces a multicultural ethos with a diverse ethnic composition:

  • Minority Enrollment: Stanford fosters a community where 42% of students belong to various minority groups.
  • White: 16%
  • Asian: 15%
  • Hispanic: 11%
  • International: 6%
  • Two or more races: 6%
  • Black: 4%

Stanford University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Total (Gross) Family Income (USD)Average Scholarship and Grant (USD)Average Net Cost (USD)Percentage of Eligible Applicants
Less than 75,00082,3564,11899%
75,000 – 100,00073,9068,18096%
100,000 – 125,00066,25614,404100%
125,000 – 150,00059,97120,840100%
150,000 – 175,00051,21029,55894%
175,000 – 200,00043,74536,91389%
200,000 – 225,00035,66344,95693%
225,000 – 250,00034,04046,66590%
250,000 – 275,000*23,14657,47163%
275,000 – 300,000*21,76858,89756%
Greater than 300,000*19,49861,14529%

Graduate Scholarships

Internal Scholarships

  • Stanford Scholarships: Awarded to new students by the university
  • Federal Grants: Awarded by the USA government (Domestic Students)
  • State Grants: Issued directly by the state to meritorious students (Domestic Students)
  • External Scholarships: Distributed by external organizations or donors

External Scholarships

Scholarship NameLevel of StudyScholarship EligibilityScholarship Benefits
Aga Khan Foundation ScholarshipMaster’s programBelow 30 years of age, Belong to AKF eligible countryFull program fees, 50% award & 50% loan
Fulbright ScholarshipMaster and research programInternational student, Enrolled in an eligible academic fieldVaries

Placements/ Career Opportunities

Stanford University is renowned for its exceptional placement records, particularly in lucrative fields such as Computer Science. The institution offers a highly competitive and rewarding environment for graduates. The standout among the degrees is the bachelor’s program, which leads to an average annual salary of $249,000 for graduates securing jobs in the United States.

Computer Science Placements at Stanford

Stanford University has a strong reputation in the field of Computer Science, attracting students from around the world. Here are key placement statistics for Computer Science graduates:

  • Number of MBA Students: 417 students from diverse backgrounds were welcomed into the Stanford University MBA program.
  • International Representation: A significant 43% of MBA students were international, reflecting the global appeal of Stanford’s MBA program.
  • Employment Seeking: Among the MBA graduates, 65% actively sought employment opportunities to embark on their professional journeys.
  • Non-Employment: On the flip side, 31% of the MBA graduates chose not to seek immediate employment, possibly opting for further studies, entrepreneurial ventures, or other pursuits.

MBA Placement Data by Industry

The Stanford University MBA placement data by industry showcases the diverse career paths pursued by graduates. Here is the percentage breakdown of MBA grads placed in different industries:

  • Finance: 33% of MBA graduates found opportunities in the finance sector, indicating a strong presence in the world of banking, investment, and financial services.
  • Technology: A substantial 29% of graduates secured positions in the technology industry, aligning with Stanford’s Silicon Valley location and emphasis on innovation.
  • Consulting: Consulting roles attracted 18% of MBA grads, showcasing the university’s focus on producing professionals with strong problem-solving and strategic skills.

Notable Alumini

Reed HastingsChairperson of Netflix
Tiger WoodsProfessional Golfer
Sergey BrinCo-founder, Google
Reese WitherspoonAmerican actress
Larry PageCo-founder, Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Stanford University holds a distinguished position globally as a premier educational institution, celebrated for its outstanding faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and dynamic intellectual community that continually pushes the frontiers of knowledge.

  • Founded in 1884 by Jane and Leland Stanford in memory of their son, Leland Jr., who succumbed to typhoid fever at the age of 15, Stanford University boasts a distinctive and nontraditional vision.
  • Notably, Stanford adopted a coeducational model from its very establishment, setting it apart as a pioneer in this regard, well ahead of most private universities.

Stanford’s Computer Science program consistently earns recognition as the nation’s best, attributed to its accomplished faculty, cutting-edge curriculum, and abundant research prospects.


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