University of Oxford

Renowned for its rich history, academic excellence, and global impact, University of Oxford is nestled in the heart of a historic and vibrant city. This center of learning has consistently pushed the boundaries of knowledge generation. For centuries, it’s been a center where people learn a lot and share their knowledge. People across the globe come here to learn and grow, making it a place that lights up with new ideas and ways of thinking.

About University of Oxford

At this institution, the goal is to explore and understand more about the world around us. It’s not just about studying, but also about how we think and discover things. Visionaries, thinkers, and leaders have all walked these halls, leaving marks on various disciplines. It’s a place where different ideas come together, and people work together to learn and make things better. This place is all about finding new ways to do things and helping the world move forward.

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Programmes of The University of Oxford

Check Complete List of Undergraduate Programs and Graduate Programs

Taught CoursesResearch CoursesPart-Time Courses
Advanced Computer Science, MScAdvanced Bioscience of Viral Products, DPhilAncient History, DPhil
African Studies, MScAncient History, DPhilAnthropology, DPhil
Ancient Philosophy, MStAnthropology, DPhilApplied Landscape Archaeology, MSc
Applied Digital Health, MScArchaeological Science, DPhilApplied Linguistics for Language Teaching, MSc
Archaeological Science, MScAstrophysics, DPhilApplied Theology, MTh
Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience, MScAtmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, DPhilArchaeology, DPhil
Comparative Social Policy, MScBiochemistry, DPhilArchitectural History, DPhil
Creative Writing, MStBiology, DPhilArchitectural History, PGCert
Economics, MPhilCancer Science, DPhilArtificial Intelligence for Business, PGDip
Global Health Science and Epidemiology, MScClinical Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, DPhilClassical Languages and Literature, DPhil


Undergraduate Programs

*Domestic fee, **International fee

Countries/CurrenciesTuition Fee Per Year
United Kingdom, Pounds9,250, 28,950 to 44,240**

Graduate Programs

DPhil in Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products

Countries/CurrenciesTuition Fee Per Year
United Kingdom, Pounds8,960*, 29,700**

DPhil in Ancient History

Countries/CurrenciesTuition Fee Per Year
United Kingdom, Pounds9,270*, 28,020**

MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Countries/CurrenciesTuition Fee Per Year
United Kingdom, Pounds17,250*, 27,460**


Eligibility Criteria

  • Oxford’s admissions are highly competitive; meeting requirements doesn’t guarantee acceptance.
  • Institution and qualification specifics, transcripts
  • ‘Other UK Study’ for visa-related study; ‘Other Degree-Level Study’ for concurrent enrollment plans
  • GRE General Test Scores
  • English Language Proficiency
  • IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge scores needed; minimum requirements based on course
  • Test score waivers based on degree-level courses in English or professional experience
  • Declare significant challenges affecting your application in dedicated section
  • Assessors consider circumstances, but not all may lead to assessment changes.
  • Appeals considered for procedural fairness, potential bias

Document Submission and Requirements

  • Official transcripts from previous institution: Scanned versions, e-transcripts, provisional transcripts, screenshot images, HEAR, and MBBS certificates
  • Non-English transcripts must be accompanied by an English translation, either by the issuing institution or a professional translator.
  • Even if you’re a current/former Oxford student, submit a transcript with necessary details.
  • Statement of Purpose and Research Proposal:
    • Some courses require a statement of purpose and/or research proposal.
    • Length limitations apply; exceeding them may lead to application incompleteness
  • Written Work:
    • Written work might be required for certain courses.
    • Specific requirements vary per course.
    • Your original work, properly referenced, checked for plagiarism, and related to chosen course.
    • Word count, format, and other details specified
  • CV/Résumé:
    • A CV is usually required; format and content vary.
    • Certain courses require standardized CV; generated through online form.
  • GRE Certificate
  • Scholarship Supporting Statement:
    • Some scholarships need additional documents.
    • Upload required documents according to scholarship guidelines.
  • Portfolio

How To Apply?

Starting Your Application

  • Choose a Course
  • Accessing Application System
    • Click ‘Apply’ on the course page to access the online application system.
    • Ensure you select the correct course; changes aren’t possible later.
  • Agent Assistance:

Account Creation

  • Create an Account:
    • Click ‘Apply’ on your course page.
    • Create a new account or log in if you have one.
    • Use the same account for multiple applications.
  • Registration Form:
    • Provide an email address for your primary contact.
    • Access to this email needed until course start.
    • If email access issue arises, contact Graduate Admissions.
  • For Current Oxford Students:
    • Create a new application account, not using existing student account.
    • Same personal email can be used.
    • Applications will be merged with your student record.

Log Into Your Account

Applying on Paper

  • If applying online is difficult due to circumstances, contact Graduate Admissions by letter/email at least 20 working days before the deadline.


Here are some of the many scholarships available at the University of Oxford:

Scholarships Requiring ApplicationScholarships Automatically Considered
China Oxford Scholarship FundClarendon Fund
Ertegun Grad Scholarship ProgrammeRhodes Scholarship
Commonwealth Shared ScholarshipsFelix Scholarships
Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann ScholarshipsSaïd Foundation Oxford Scholarships
China Scholarship Council-University of Oxford ScholarshipsChevening Scholarships
Oxford-Taiwan Graduate ScholarshipsMarshall Scholarships


  • Employment Rate: 91% of students either employed or pursuing higher education.
  • International Students: Over 90% of international students secured placements.
  • Application Increase: Placement success led to a 3% rise in applications.
  • Data Source: Alumni survey (2012-2017) and Saïd Business School Employment Report.

Accommodation & Other Facilities

The University of Oxford offers diverse accommodation options for graduate students. Colleges provide various choices, including single and en-suite rooms, couples’ and family accommodations, and flats. Availability and pricing differ among colleges. While some guarantee housing, others assist in finding private options.

University accommodation, including rooms, flats, and houses, is available for full-time graduate students. Private housing is an option, but the University’s residence requirements apply. The Oxford University Students Union (Oxford SU) and external resources like Shelter provide advice on housing.

Rewley House:

  • Library & reading room
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Lecture theatre
  • Meeting rooms
  • En suite bedrooms

Ewert House:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Catering services
  • Computer classroom
  • Convenient location