HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal, officially known as École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal, stands as a distinguished business school located in the vibrant city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Established in 1907, HEC Montreal has evolved into a prominent institution recognized for its excellence in business education, research, and professional development. With a rich history and a commitment to fostering innovation and leadership, HEC Montreal provides a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in the global business landscape.

Why Choose HEC Montreal?

You may wonder what sets HEC Montreal apart. Here are compelling reasons to consider choosing HEC Montreal for your academic journey:

  • HEC Montreal consistently upholds high standards of academic excellence, offering rigorous programs led by experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields.
  • With a focus on internationalization, HEC Montreal provides students with a global perspective, preparing them to thrive in diverse and interconnected business environments.
  • The institution is at the forefront of cutting-edge research, contributing valuable insights to the business community and ensuring that students are exposed to the latest industry knowledge.
  • HEC Montreal boasts a robust alumni network, connecting graduates with successful professionals worldwide, providing valuable networking opportunities and career support.
  • The school offers an innovative and dynamic learning environment, incorporating practical experiences, case studies, and industry collaborations to enhance students’ skills and knowledge.


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HEC Montreal Ranking

Rankings at HEC Montréal:

HEC Montréal consistently earns recognition as a top-tier business school, both nationally and globally.

  • International Acclaim:
    • Regularly acknowledged among the premier business schools globally.
    • Recognized for excellence beyond Quebec, underlining a distinguished reputation.
  • Management Research Excellence:
    • 2nd in Canada and 13th globally for research in Management (Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2021).
  • Eduniversal International Ranking:
    • Awarded the highest score of 5 Palmes of Excellence (2021).
  • QS World University Rankings:
    • Among the top 5 in Canada and the world’s 100 best universities for Business (2022).
    • Notable positions in U.S. News and QS rankings confirm international standing.
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2023):
    • 5th in Canada and 111th globally.
  • Employability Recognition:
    • 8th in Canada (QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2021).
    • Global Employability University Ranking and Survey acknowledge the institution (2022).
  • Research Publications:
    • 92nd globally for the number of publications (Top 100 Business School Research Rankings, University of Texas at Dallas, 2023).
  • Sustainable Development Performance:
    • 14th in Canada and 81st globally (Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, 2022).
  • MBA Excellence:
    • 2nd in Canada (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2022-23).
    • Consistently recognized globally by various rankings.
  • Master’s Programs Recognitions:
    • Standout positions globally for Master of Science programs in Supply Chain, Marketing, Business Analytics, Finance, and International Business.
  • Executive Education Expertise:
    • 1st in Quebec, 2nd in Canada, and 33rd globally for executive programs (Financial Times Executive Education Ranking, 2023).
  • Best University City – Montréal:
    • 2nd university city in North America for international students (QS Best Student Cities, 2023).

HEC Montreal Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the HEC Montreal is 38%.


Check Complete List of programs at HEC Montreal.

Download HEC Montreal MBA, BBA, MSc Brochures from here

ProgramDurationLanguageTuition Fee (CAD) Per Year
M.S Global Supply Chain Management2 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
M.S Management – Data Science and Business Analytics2 yearsFrenchCAD 17,708
M.S Data Science and Business Analytics2 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
M.S Finance2 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
M.S Financial Engineering2 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
M.S Management – Human Resources Management2 yearsFrenchCAD 17,708
M.B.A2 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
B.B.A3 yearsFrenchCAD 27,101
M.B.A2 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
M.S Management – Finance2 yearsFrenchCAD 17,708
Certificate Financial Management1 yearEnglishCAD 27,101
Certificate Marketing Management1 yearFrenchCAD 27,101
Certificate Supply Chain Management1 yearFrenchCAD 27,101
Certificate Business Analytics1 yearFrenchCAD 27,101
Ph.D Administration – Data Science4 yearsEnglishCAD 17,708
Certificate Information Technology15 monthsEnglishCAD 27,101
Certificate Business Management1 yearFrenchCAD 27,101


Student Intakes For 2024

IntakeApplication Deadline
FallMarch 1, 2024
WinterSeptember 15, 2024

Eligibility Criteria For HEC Montreal

  • Undergraduate Degree: An undergraduate degree from a recognized institution
  • Academic Performance: A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Professional Experience: At least 3 years of full-time professional experience, excluding internships.
  • Admission Tests:
    • Successful completion of one of the admission tests:
      • GMAT: Competitive score of 630 or higher (Suggested minimum: 550).
      • GRE: Score equivalent to that of the GMAT.
  • English Language Proficiency:
    • Proficiency in English demonstrated through one of the following:
      • IELTS: A minimum score ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 and above.
      • TOEFL iBT: Minimum score of 72-94 and above.
  • GPA Needed for HEC Montreal MBA: While a specific GPA requirement is not disclosed, a GPA of at least 3.0 is highly recommended for applicants to the HEC Montreal MBA program. Successful applicants typically have GPAs in the range of 3.1 to 3.5.
  • GMAT Needed for HEC Montreal MBA: The minimum GMAT score required for admission to the program is 550, with a suggested competitive score of 630 or higher. Alternatively, applicants may submit a GRE score equivalent to that of the GMAT.
  • GRE Needed for HEC Montreal MBA: Applicants may opt to submit a GRE score equivalent to the GMAT. While there is no specific minimum score requirement, a competitive score reflecting academic potential and readiness for graduate-level study is encouraged.
  • Average Work Experience Needed for HEC Montreal MBA: Applicants are expected to possess a minimum of 3 years of full-time professional work experience at the program’s commencement, excluding internships. This requirement is essential, as the MBA program at HEC Montreal caters to mid-career professionals seeking skill enhancement and career advancement.
  • Is IELTS Needed for HEC Montreal MBA: International applicants must provide proof of English proficiency. A minimum IELTS score of 5.5 is required, while a score of 6.5 and above is highly recommended. Alternatively, applicants may submit a TOEFL iBT score ranging from 72 to 94 and above. Proficiency in English is vital as the entire MBA program is conducted in English.

Documents Required

  • Copies of Official Transcripts: Provide photocopies of official transcripts from all previously attended academic institutions.
  • Photocopy of Diplomas: Submit photocopies of relevant diplomas or degrees earned.
  • Proof of Compliance with Language Requirements: Demonstrate proficiency in the English language through official test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Work Experience Certificates: Include certificates verifying at least 3 years of full-time professional experience, excluding internships.
  • Other Studies or Tests: Submit copies of official transcripts or test scores for any additional studies or tests undertaken. Scores from tests administered outside of HEC Montréal must be transmitted directly by the respective organization.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Provide two letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant’s academic and/or professional qualifications.
  • GMAT/GRE Scorecard: Include the official scorecard from either the GMAT (with a competitive score of 630 or higher) or GRE (with a score equivalent to that of the GMAT).

How To Apply?

  • Application Fees: The application fee for direct HEC Montreal MBA admission is CAD 291.28.
  • Get Your Supporting Documents Ready: Prepare the necessary supporting documents, including transcripts, diplomas, resumes, and reference letters. These documents play a crucial role in assessing your eligibility and suitability for the program.
  • Complete Online Application: Fill out the application for admission on the HEC Montreal website. The online application will prompt you to provide personal information, academic history, work experience, and other relevant details. Take the time to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit Supporting Documents: After completing the online application, upload all supporting documents to your application portal. This step is vital for the admissions committee to thoroughly review your qualifications and make an informed decision.
  • Follow Up on Application Status: Regularly check the status of your application through the online portal. Ensure that all required documents have been received and that your application is under review. If there are any discrepancies or missing documents, follow up with the admissions office promptly.
  • Interview Notification: If your application is shortlisted, the admissions office will notify you about the interview process. Prepare for the interview as it is a crucial step in the evaluation of your candidacy.
  • Admission Decision: After completing the review process, the admissions committee will make a decision regarding your application. If accepted, you will receive an official offer of admission.
  • Acceptance and Enrollment: Upon receiving an admission offer, follow the outlined procedures to accept the offer and complete the enrollment process.
  • Orientation: Attend any orientation sessions or activities organized by HEC Montreal to familiarize yourself with the campus, faculty, and resources available to MBA students.

Cost of Attendance

Expense CategoryCost (CAD)
Food / Meals (5 months)2,000
Local transportation225
Personal expenses1,500
Health insurance (compulsory)396 (for a one-term exchange)
605 (for a two-term exchange)
0 (If your home country is Belgium, Denmark,
France, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway,
Portugal, Sweden)
Immigration procedures (if required)CAQ: 120
Study permit: 150
Temporary resident visa (multiple entries): 100


  • Comprehensive Definition: Diversity at HEC Montréal encompasses a broad range of characteristics, including but not limited to ethnicity, religion, age, social condition, disability, gender identity or expression, language, sexual orientation, and political beliefs.
  • Inclusive Community: HEC Montréal promotes an inclusive campus by recognizing, welcoming, and fostering discussions about diversity.
  • Multifaceted Composition: The campus community reflects a rich tapestry of experiences, acknowledging differences in ethnicity, gender, age, ability, and more.
  • Faculty and Staff Diversity: Results from a voluntary 2020 survey showcase a diverse faculty and staff composition:
    • Women: 56%
    • Persons with disabilities: 5%
    • Indigenous persons: 0.3%
    • Visible minorities: 18%
    • Ethnic minorities: 7%
    • Sexual and gender diversity: 6%
  • Equity and Inclusion: HEC Montréal is committed to equity and inclusion, ensuring fair treatment, equal access to opportunities, and nurturing environments where everyone feels welcomed and respected.
  • Commitment to EDI: The institution emphasizes adopting behaviors aligned with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) principles to create a supportive and respectful community.
  • Voices from HEC Montréal:
    • Sébastien Arcand, Full Professor: “An EDI approach is a winning approach to create a learning environment that fosters exchange and meaningful connections.”
    • Guy Epassy, Coordinator – Scholarships and Financial Aid: “HEC Montréal trains the leaders of tomorrow, emphasizing the importance of welcoming and including students today.”
  • EDI Glossary: HEC Montréal provides resources, including an EDI glossary, to facilitate discussions on topics such as racism, microaggressions, unconscious bias, and intersectionality.

HEC Montreal Scholarships

There are plenty of scholarships available which students may apply for. Some of them are as given in the table below.

Scholarship NameLevelAmount (CAD)
Cécile and Pierre Shooner International Exchange ProgramBachelor4,500
BÉCPHD, Master, BachelorVariable amount
B.B.A. Admission Scholarship for an excellent academicBachelorVariable amount
Bourse d’attraction de la M. Sc.Master10,500
BMO financial group Scholarship (M.Sc. internationalMaster2,000
BMO financial group Scholarhsip (M.Sc. finance & financialMaster2,000
Bourse Denyse et Marcel DagenaisMaster3,000
Bourse en finance Jocelyne et Jean C. Monty – 2Master5,000
Bourse Diane Giard (MBA)Master5,000

Placements/ Career Opportunities

Overall Placement Rate90%
Average Annual SalaryUSD 90,754
Global CompensationUSD 101,490
Response Rate73%
Total Employers110+
Total Interviews Conducted150
Internship Rate89%

HEC Montreal MBA Graduate Outcomes 2019-20

Employment Rate90%
Higher Education3%
Volunteering or Non-Profit3%
Self-Employed/Family Biz2%
Not Seeking Employment2%

HEC Montreal MBA Class Profile 2019-20

Total Number of Students107
Percentage of Male Students50%
Percentage of Female Students50%
Average Age31
Work Experience7 Years
Average GMAT Score625
Country of Origin26
Students Country of OriginEurope: 38%, Africa: 37%, Asia: 13%, Central & South America: 9%, United States & Mexico: 2%, Oceania: 1%

HEC Montreal MBA Employment Report 2021

Change Sector79%
Changed Function67%
Changed Location62%
Changed All Three40%

HEC Montreal MBA Top Employers 2019-20

  • CGI
  • Chappuis Halder
  • Coveo
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • L’Oréal
  • McKinsey
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Bank
  • Novosti
  • Rio Tinto
  • Rogers Communications
  • Accenture

HEC Montreal MBA Specific Career Services

  • Designated person for tailored advice and support
  • Career management consulting on-campus and through alumni
  • Job-search strategy workshops
  • CV design, networking, and job interview workshops
  • On-campus and off-campus recruitment events

Notable Alumini

François LegaultBusinessperson, Politician, Accountant
Pauline MaroisPolitician, International Forum Participant
Dominique AngladeInternational Forum Participant, Businessperson, Politician
Jacques ParizeauPolitician, Economist
Martine OuelletEngineer, Politician
Pierre ArcandPolitician
Stéphane BédardLawyer, Politician
Ruba GhazalPolitician
Hélène DesmaraisBusinessperson, International Forum Participant
Daniel PailléPolitician, Economist

Frequently Asked Questions

HEC Montréal stands as one of Montreal’s premier universities, holding a strong reputation in Canada. Notably, it is ranked #34 in the World University Rankings for Masters in Supply Chain Management 2024.

HEC Montréal attracts a diverse student body, including 3,746 international students from 142 countries. However, gaining admission is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of 38%.

HEC Montréal is affiliated with the Université de Montréal, alongside Polytechnique Montréal. Together, they constitute a prominent center for higher education in Quebec. Université de Montréal, recognized as one of Canada’s top research universities, encompasses HEC Montréal within its academic network


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