The University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia or UBC, established in 1908 and opened in 1915 is a public university in the Canadian state of British Columbia. This can be called a global center for learning, teaching, and research as it nurtures and inspires over 68,000 students worldwide. It is located in two places, one in Vancouver and the other in Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley. Vancouver location has their Robson square which is the extension of their campus, Learning Exchange, and their Center for Digital media. Most of the students, i.e 58,000 students study at this location while 11,000 students study at their Okanagan campus. Students from over 140 countries dream of taking admission here. It was ranked among top 100 public universities in the world by global ranking partners and the QS World University ranked it 47 for 2023. Times Higher Education (THE) ranked it 40 in the overall world universities and 13 in the Impact rankings for 2023. US News and World Reports ranked it 35 among the global universities for 2023. UBC has two regional bases in India and Hong Kong for local connections.

UBC Courses and Tuition Fee

Regular Courses

UBC has about 254 undergraduate and 244 postgraduate programs in various fields, such as Business, Education, Science, Health and Medicine, Humanities, and Engineering. They provide clinical education to their Faculty of Medicine students at more than 80 training sites in Columbia.

Courses are delivered in four ways:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Hybrid
  • Multi-access

You can find the standard timetable for all their programmes on their official website based on campus and session. Their courses and tuition fee are given in the table below.

Domestic fees*, International fees**

Undergraduate Programs

CourseUSA, USD$Canada, CADMexico, PesoIndia, INRBrazil, Real
Applied Science (Year 1)NA7,065.89*NANANA
Applied Science (Years 2 to 5)NA7,542.45*NANANA
Applied Science – Engineering40451.05**54,986.81**783310.75**3342684.39**208978.20**
Arts31487.66**5,729.10*, 42,802.50**609740.02**2601992.16**162671.54**
Commerce (Year 1)32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Commerce (Years 2 to 4)NA8,489.40*NANANA
Commerce (Sauder School of Business)40743.61**55,384.50**788976.02**3366860.22**210489.62**
Computer Science32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Dental Hygiene35679.34**6,302.01*, 48,500.43**690909.48**2948373.07**184326.61**
Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism31408.43**9,232.20*, 42,694.80**608205.78**2595445.00**162262.23**
Environmental Design31547.25**5,729.10*, 42,883.50**610893.90**2606916.20**162979.39**
Fine Arts31547.25**5,729.10*, 42,802.50**610893.90**2606916.20**162979.39**
Forestry – Forest Operations37841.73**6,683.95*, 51,439.85**732782.78**3127062.35**195497.92**
Forestry – Forest Science36760.53**6,492.98*, 49,970.14**711846.13**3037717.71**189912.27**
Forestry – Natural Resources Conservation33516.96**5,920.07*, 45,561.01**649036.18**2769683.80**173155.30**
Forestry – Resources Management32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Forestry – Wood Products Processing34598.15**6,111.04*, 47,030.72**669972.83**2859028.44**178740.96**
International Economics38091.07**9,166.20*, 51,778.80**737611.27**3147667.35**196786.11**
Kinesiology32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Land & Food SystemsNA6,111.04*NANANA
Media Studies31487.66**7,624.50*, 42,802.50**609740.02**2601992.16**162671.54**
Medical Laboratory Science41085.30**7,256.86*, 55,848.98**795592.74**3395096.27**212254.89**
Midwifery37841.73**6,683.95*, 51,439.85**732782.78**3127062.35**195497.92**
Music29806.67**6,492.98*, 40,517.46**577188.64**2463083.07**153987.22**
Nursing31547.25**5,729.10*, 42,883.50**610893.90**2606916.20**162979.39**
Pharmaceutical Sciences32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Science32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Social Work32435.76**5,729.10*, 42,802.50**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Urban Forestry32435.76**5,729.10*, 44,091.30**628099.53**2680339.16**167569.65**
Dentistry (DMD)56220.64**19,603.35*, 76,423.08**1088679.64**4645809.35**290447.06**
Post-baccalaureate Programs
Education (11 month) – BEd teacher education41322.49**12,759.00*, 56,171.40**800185.75**3414696.39**213480.25**
Education – NITEPNA5,729.10*NANANA
Education: Diploma Program20661.25**6,379.50*, 28,085.70**400092.87**1707348.20**106740.12**
Entry to Practice Doctor of PharmacyNA19,156.20*NANANA
Law29154.81**13,412.16*, 39,631.36**564565.76**2409216.47**150619.58**
Medicine (MD)NA$19,603.35*NANANA

Registering Timeline

Summer and Winter session registrations begin and follow according to a timeline for most of the courses except for a few courses. These courses are:

  • Bachelor of Education (BEd Elementary)
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd Middle Years)
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd Secondary)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • Doctor of Dental medicine (DMD)
  • Juris Doctor (JD)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Year GroupWinter Session – September to AprilSummer Session – May to August
First YearJune 21 to 23March 2
Second YearJuly 5 to 7March 1
Third YearJune 28 to 30February 28
Fourth year, Fifth Year and Diploma ProgrammesJune 14 to 16February 27
Visiting StudentsJuly 12March 7
Unclassified and Access Studies StudentsJuly 14March 14
Graduate StudentsJune 7February 13


Winter Session Term 2 – January 2023

DateDeadlines and Information
8th JanuaryHousing residences open for 2nd term at 12:00 pm
9th JanuaryWinter session 2nd term begins
11th JanuaryDeadline to pay tuition fees
15th JanuaryDeadline to apply for a change of campus or a change of program
20th JanuaryDeadline to apply for U-Pass exemption
23rd JanuaryLast date to change the auditing status for coursesLast date to elect Credit/D/Fail grading for most eligible courses of the termLast date to drop courses without a W standing
1st FebruaryLast date to apply for Winter Session residence for upper-year students
28th FebruaryDeadline to apply for May graduation
3rd MarchLast date to drop courses with a W standing
17th April to 28th AprilFinal exams period
29th AprilWinter Session residences close by 12:00 pm
Summer Session
MayResidences openStart of Summer Session Term 1Pay tuition fees Drop Term 1 courses without a WElect Credit/D/Fail grading for eligible coursesMay graduation starts
JuneApply for the UBC Bursary Program for Summer BursaryFinal exams
JulyStart of Summer Session Term 2Pay tuition fees Drop the session term 2 courses without a WElect Credit/D/Fail grading for eligible courses Drop most Term 2 courses with a WRecommended deadline for Winter Bursary students to apply for student loans, and for the US students to submit their US loan request application form
AugustFinal exams

If you’re an undergraduate student and have doubts, you can reach out to Enrolment Services Advisor and to find your advisor, you need to log into Student Service Center (SSC) and click on “UBC Contacts”, that appears under “Personal Info”. Remaining students like graduate students and postgraduate students may call on 604 822 9836 or fill their online form.

How To Register?

You can register into the course by following the steps given as below. However, Find the detailed procedure on their official website.

  • Once you know the timeline and registration dates, you can begin your registration procedure.
  • Registration deposit is applicable for most certificates and diplomas. However, it has been removed from most UG degree programs for continuing students. It is applicable if you are new to UBC which is non-refundable.
  • Check your degree requirements and make sure to fulfill them. This is available in the Academic Calendar.
  • Work on your work-lists which are nothing but draft class timetables candidates need to create before registration to plan courses. Login to course schedule tool and create them.
  • Register for your desired classes quickly. Keep multiple worklists ready in case courses are full.
  • Once registration completes, you may add or drop classes as you wish before course change deadline.

Auditing Courses

Application deadlines are published on their website from time to time. Deadline for changing your audit status for term 1 courses is 19th September, 2022, for term 1 and 2 courses is 26th September, 2022, and for term 2 courses is 23rd January, 2023. Below is the procedure to register in these courses at the University of British Columbia.

Non-Degree Studies

If you wish to take a credit based course without pursuing any graduation degree, certificate, or diploma, you may want to join non-degree courses. These are usually chosen out of general interest, academic advancement, or professional upgrading. 

There are three types of these courses at Vancouver campus.

In order to register in one of these, you need to check requirements about each of these and choose the one that suits you, apply, and wait for confirmation email and next steps.

Winter Session – Term 1 – SeptemberJuly 15 – For visiting students
Winter Session – Term 2 – JanuaryOctober 15 – Not for visiting students
Summer Session – Term 1 or 2 – MayMarch 15

These are the types of courses at Okanagan campus.

To register, login to the Student Service Centre (SSC) and check registration dates which is usually updated two weeks before registrations start. Pay the registration fee, apply for the course and pay your tuition fee.

Centre For Digital Media

CDM is a collaboration between UBC, SFU, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and BCIT. It provides a few programs like Master of Digital media, Pre-MDM, IDEA-X, and Teen MDM. Here is the application link. Deadline for January to April session is 25th October and for May to August session is 11th March.

  • You need a minimum 4 year undergraduate degree from a recognized university with minimum B+ grade or 76% or more in 3rd and 4th year courses.
  • Have scored 7.0 in IELTS Academic with minimum 6.5 in each section or minimum 100 in TOEFL and minimum 20 in each section. If you don’t meet English proficiency requirements, you may join Pre-MDM.

Domestic students*, International students**

Countries & Currencies2022 to 2023 Tuition Fee
United States, USD46654.75**
Canada, CAD38,438.23*, 63,419.76**
Mexico, Peso903441.75**
India, INR3855328.97**
Brazil, Real241027.75**
Additional FeeCAD 15,000 refundable equipment fee

Campuses and Accommodation

UBC Vancouver campus is located at the tip of the point Grey Peninsula amidst the forest with sea on one side. More than 400 hectares in size 

UBC Vancouver campus accommodates as many as 13,000 students in their 15 residences. Most of the first year students are guaranteed for winter session residence and are assigned to Orchard Commons, Totem Park, or Place Vanier residences. Students need to purchase their meal plan to live here. Rest of their residences are assigned to their upper year and graduation students. Typical cost for a room and meal plan for the first year is around CAD 12,000 to CAD 14,500 a year. However, based on the room type, the fee may range between CAD 10,300 to CAD 15,000 a year.


More than CAD 30 million worth of scholarships, awards, and in other forms are provided to the deserving candidates internationally. More than 350 students have received these scholarships since 2001. International Major Entrance Scholarship, UBC Vantage One Scholarship are a few to name.

Alumni and Achievements

The University of British Columbia can be called as one of the finest in the world and Canada. Its alumni has over 3,75,999 from over 160 countries. This university has produced some notable personalities worldwide.

  • 8 Nobel laureates – Bertram Brockhouse CC FRSC FRS (Nobel Laureate in Physics)
  • 3 Canadian Prime Ministers – Justin Trudeau PC MP (Canada’s 23rd and current prime minister), John Turner (Canada’s 17th prime minister)
  • 65 Olympic Medals – 19 gold
  • 74 Rhodes Scholars
  • Other popular alumni – Jeff Wall (prominent Canadian artist, and most prominent figure of the Vancouver School)