Esade Business School

ESADE Business School, located in Barcelona, Spain, is a renowned institution dedicated to shaping the next generation of global business leaders. Established in 1958, ESADE has consistently committed to academic excellence, innovation, and a holistic approach to business education. With a focus on ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and a multicultural learning environment, ESADE is renowned for management education. The school’s blend of rigorous academic programs, impactful research, and strong connections with industry leaders positions it as a prominent hub for those aspiring to make a significant impact in the world of business.

Why Choose Esade Business School?

ESADE Business School stands out for its commitment to transformative experiences and shaping global leaders. Here’s what sets ESADE apart:

  • Innovative Methodologies, Smart Learning: Dynamic approach, integrating group discussions, case studies, simulations, workshops, and expert-led lectures.
  • International Certification at HEC Paris: Strategic Innovation and Cross-Cultural Management Certificate after an enriching stay at HEC Paris.
  • Business Development Project (BDP): Apply your knowledge to a real project within your organization or explore new business ideas. ESADE provides personalized guidance.
  • Personalized Leadership Plan (LEAD): LEAD leadership program offers a 360-degree diagnosis, analysis, and three hours of personal coaching to develop a tailored management skills plan.
  • Content Selection: Participate in the selection of elective subjects included in the program.
  • Simulators for Better Decision Making: Simulation techniques to enhance decision-making skills.
  • Esade Alumni Network: Vibrant and innovative business culture as part of the extensive Esade Alumni network.
  • LEAD Program for Development of Management Skills: The LEAD program offers a transformative journey of self-discovery, focusing on emotional skills, diverse leadership styles, and key learning strategies for managers. Executive coaching and individual development plans are integral components.
  • 72,000+ Alumni Worldwide: Ongoing support throughout your professional career, offering networking opportunities, continuous learning programs, and personal and professional ties with other alumni.

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Esade Business School Ranking

  • Executive MBA: Ranked 9th globally (2023).
  • Full-time MBA: Global ranking at 19th.
  • Masters in Management: 8th globally.
  • World University Rankings: Holds 7th position.

Esade Business School Acceptance Rate

ESADE Business School maintains an average selectivity, with an acceptance rate approximately around 61%, varying by program. This level of selectivity reflects the institution’s commitment to maintaining a competitive and diverse student body.

Esade Business School PROGRAMS

ESADE Business School provides a diverse range of programs catering to various academic and professional levels.

Check Complete List of programs at Esade Business School.

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Program LevelProgramsTuition Fee
Bachelor’s DegreesBusiness of Administration – BBA€19,300
Bachelor In Law€19,300
Bachelor of Global Governance, Economics and Legal Order€19,300
Business Administration and Law€19,300
Double Degree In Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order€22,200
Bachelor In Transformational Leadership and Social Impact€20,300
Double Degree In Business Administration and Law€22,200
MSc ProgramsMSc In Finance€37,500
MSc in Marketing€35,500
MSc in Business Analytics€35,500
MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship€35,500
MSc in International Management€35,500
MSc in Digital Business€35,500
MSc in Sustainability Management€35,500
Masters in LawMasters in Law€31,500
MBA ProgramsMBA Full Time€77,500
Executive MBA€77,500
Research ProgramsDoctorate in Economic and Business Law€27,500


Student Intakes For 2023-2024

RoundApplication DeadlineFinal Decision Notification
Round 1October 5, 2023November 22, 2023
Round 2November 23, 2023January 10, 2023
Round 3January 11, 2024February 7, 2024
Round 4February 8, 2024March 14, 2024
Round 5March 15, 2024April 17, 2024
Round 6April 18, 2024May 15, 2024
Round 7May 16, 2024June 5, 2024
Round 8June 6, 2024June 19, 2024
Round 9June 20, 2024July 5, 2024

Eligibility Criteria For Esade Business School

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Completion of secondary school equivalent to Spanish Class 12.
  • Successful completion of Mathematics (excluding Humanities).
  • Valid SAT, ACT scores, or ESADE Admission Test score required.

Graduate Programmes

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related or technical field for Business, Management, and Law.
  • Valid GMAT or GRE score for MBA.
  • Minimum two years of full-time post-undergraduate experience for MBA.

Language Proficiency Requirements

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • For courses in Spanish: Native proficiency or DELE level C2.
  • For courses in English: Minimum scores for BBA, Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order, Transformational Business and Social Impact, and Law.

Graduate Programmes

  • MBA and Executive MBA language requirements.

Documents Required for Application

Undergraduate Courses

  • Digital passport photo.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Essay or personal statement.
  • Reference letters (LORs).
  • Financial documents.

Graduate Courses

  • Two recommendation letters.
  • Curriculum Vitae or CV.
  • Passport photograph.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Financial documents.

All original academic transcripts must be submitted in Spanish or English, or translated by certified translators if in another language. English or Spanish proficiency scores and standardized exam scores are essential during the application. Applicants are advised to check course-specific requirements on the ESADE Business School website for precise details.

How To Apply?

Bachelor’s Programs

  • Complete the Admissions Application: Fill out the online application form. Ensure the process is completed before June or until places are available.
  • Access: What is Valued in the Admission Process: Esade assesses academic records, exam grades, application details, and admissions test results. Grades are crucial but not the sole determinant. No discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, etc.
  • Admissions Process Step-by-Step: For Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Law, Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order, Double Degrees.
    • Follow the steps outlined:
      • Complete the admissions application.
      • Sit the admissions test for your degree.
      • Attach the required documents.
      • Admissions Committee review.
      • Reserve your place.
      • Pay your tuition.
  • Admissions Process for Bachelor in Transformational Leadership and Social Impact:
    • Follow the steps outlined:
      • Complete the admissions application.
      • Sit the admissions test for your degree.
      • Attach the required documents.
      • Personal Interview (compulsory).
      • Video Assessment (non-compulsory).
      • Admissions Committee review.
      • Reserve your place.
      • Pay your tuition.
  • International Students: Complete the visa application and officially recognize qualifications. International status details provided on the website.
  • Status of Your Admissions Application: If you’ve submitted the application and paid the registration fee, check your admissions status using the provided username and password.
  • Payment Through Flywire: Pay enrollment and fees securely online through Flywire, the preferred payment partner.

MBA Programs

Admissions Overview: Esade Business School is committed to providing equal opportunities and does not discriminate based on various factors. The admissions process is designed to evaluate candidates on a fair and equal basis.

Admission Steps:

  • Submit the Application Form: Initiate the application process by completing the online application form.
  • Upload the Required Documents: Upload all necessary documents to support your application.
  • Application Documents Considered: The admissions committee considers the submitted documents.
  • Official Interview: Candidates undergo an official interview as part of the process.
  • Admissions Committee: The Admissions Committee reviews the candidate’s application.

Admissions Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent: A completed bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification is required.
  • Fluency in English: Applicants must demonstrate fluency in English.
  • Minimum of 2 Years’ Full-Time Professional Experience: Candidates should have a minimum of two years of full-time professional experience post-graduation.
  • High Score in GMAT or GRE Exam: A high score in the GMAT or GRE exam is expected.

Online MBA Application

  • Candidates are encouraged to apply early due to the limited number of places.
  • The online MBA application form should be completed.
  • Follow instructions and ensure all requested documents are submitted.

GMAT Simulator Test: A GMAT simulator test is available for candidates.

Application Status Check: Applicants can check the status of their application through the provided portal.

Cost of Attendance

Expense CategoryAnnual Cost (€)

  • Accommodation: Estimated at €400 per month for shared housing.
  • Utilities: Estimated at €80 per month for electricity, water, and internet services.
  • Food: Estimated at €200 per month for groceries. Additional €115 per month if dining at Esade Cafeteria.
  • Transportation: Estimated at €60 per month for public transportation.
  • Miscellaneous: A buffer for unforeseen expenses, personal care items, leisure activities, or study materials, estimated at €300 per month.


  • Global Representation: Over 95% of ESADE’s student body represents diverse international backgrounds.
  • Flexible MBA Programs: The MBA program offers 12, 15, and 18-month configurations, accommodating varied needs and aspirations.
  • Team-Based Learning: An intensive eight-month team-based learning approach cultivates communication and teamwork competencies among graduate students.
  • International Exchange Partnerships: ESADE provides 45 diverse international exchange opportunities, contributing to a global mindset.
  • Celebrating Differences: ESADE not only values academic excellence but also celebrates the richness that diversity brings to the learning experience.

Esade Business School Scholarships

Scholarship TypeCoverageEligibility Criteria
Talent Scholarships60% to 100% of tuition feesOutstanding academic track record and financial need
– Dedicated Talent ScholarshipsVariesNamed after companies or donors, specified program or profile
– Future Talent ScholarshipsVariesCreated by individuals or families to develop future leaders
– Class Talent ScholarshipsVariesCreated collectively by students or alumni of a graduating class
Talent Scholarship ComplementsVariesOptions for lodging, living, exchange, and SUD scholarships
MSc Talent Scholarships50% to 85% of tuition feesFor MBA and MSc programs, based on talent and financial need
Esade Family Grants10% of siblings’ tuition feesFor students with siblings in Esade programs

Placements/ Career Opportunities

Placement Rate94% of graduates were offered a position within three months of graduation.
Average Starting Salary£85,000. Salaries in consulting, finance, and technology can reach as high as £110,000-£120,000 for candidates with diverse work experience and industry expertise.
Salary Information (EUR)€1,36,376.
Placement Statistics95% of the class of 2020 secured employment within three months of graduation.

Top Sectors Hiring ESADE Graduates

UberMcKinsey & Co.Credit Suisse
DeliverooBoston Consulting GroupPartners Group
AmazonBain & Co.Goldman Sachs
American ExpressDeloitteBridge Point Capital

Notable Alumni

These some of the many notable alumni of Esade Business School.

Albert RiveraSpanish Politician
Enrique LoresCEO of HP Inc.
Ramon LaguartaCEO of PepsiCo
Josep Maria BartomeuFormer President of FC Barcelona
Ferran SorianoCEO of Manchester City F.C.
Gabriel Escarrer JaumeFounder and CEO of Meliá Hotels International
Joan RigolFormer President of the Parliament of Catalonia

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Esade stands as a frontrunner in the world’s most distinguished rankings, underscoring its unwavering commitment to excellence in business and law education. This recognition is not only a testament to our global standing but also attests to our prowess in various categories.

A. Maintaining a close-knit campus environment is a priority for Esade, leading to a selective approach in admitting students to its MBA program. The acceptance rate hovers around 37%, with approximately 500 candidates vying for the limited 190 spots available in the MBA program each year.

A. A comprehensive ESADE MBA Review sheds light on the Class Profile, Eligibility criteria, and Tuition Fee. Graduates from Esade’s MBA program experience promising career trajectories, gaining access to diverse job opportunities spanning different industries and global sectors. The program’s robust reputation and extensive alumni network further amplify the value proposition, significantly enhancing graduates’ prospects for career advancement.


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